Netsweeper strives to create a safer society. We develop and distribute classification and policy enforcement technologies, which can be distributed or centrally managed.
We are used worldwide by enterprises, educational providers, managed services providers, ISPs and Carriers to identify, track and filter illicit material addressing regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, we have partnered with the likes of Internet Watch Foundation, CyberTips, Phishtank, Stopbadware and Interpol where we digest and publish list information for mutual benefit.

Netsweeper is a Canadian developed software solution that resides at the client’s Internet gateway and leverages advanced artificial intelligence technology to scour the Internet for inappropriate material, in any language. Tell me more…

Web filter
Enterprise filtering

Adblocking for Carriers

Netsweeper empowers Carriers, Broadband providers and ISPs to provide an Ad-Free connectivity experience to their subscriber base. Consumers have a choice to defend themselves from Adware exploits surrounding their personal information while enjoying a clean & faster surfing experience. The Netsweeper platform is Carrier Grade, Industry Proven and leveraged in the largest networks in the world. A Multi-tenant solution with centrally or distributed Ad-Policy management that scales like no other in the market today or in the future! Tell me more…


NS PROXY is the fastest selective SSL decryption product on the market brought to you and powered by Netsweeper. Engineered to provide advanced HTTPS filtering. NS PROXY solves a key issue for the education sector as more Web sites become SSL-enabled; e.g., Facebook, Reddit Google, Twitter etc. now defaulting to HTTPS. Deployed at your gateway NS PROXY enables you to allow trusted SSL and selectively inspect all other SSL traffic based on policy server settings without degrading and ensuring optimum performance! tell me more...




Enterprise filtering

Web Filter

Netsweeper Enterprise Basic internet filtering provides organizations with peace of mind, ensuring that they are protected from the legal liabilities associated Internet usage in the enterprise. With basic filtering, employees can be restricted from viewing web content that could damage the organization’s reputation, or subject it to costly lawsuits. Additionally, enterprise networks is an important productivity that limits access to sites that too often pull employees away from their routine tasks and cost the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost time. Netsweeper helps organizations regain lost productivity and stop Internet abuse. Tell me more…

Threat Protection

Security, scalability, robust functionality and a commitment to a user-driven and user-determined experience are what makes our products different. In the world of content filtering, a little bit of accuracy isn’t enough – organizations require dependable and reliable filtering all the time. Don’t rely on a free download from a small open source shop – your product selection can affect thousands of people. Utilizing an advanced and artificial intelligence engine, coupled with an expert human review team, Netsweeper boasts one of the most accurate solutions available on the market. Netsweeper provides internet parental control safe and technically sound web-based content filtering solutions to small, medium and large organizations Tell me more…

Threat protection


Netsweeper Inc. is a leading provider of Internet content filtering and web threat management solutions and services for educational institutions, government organizations, businesses, service providers and OEM partners around the world. Netsweeper’s solutions supply IT managers the tools necessary to optimize network security while providing all users with a positive, productive and safe Internet experience. Founded in 1999, Netsweeper Inc. is headquartered in Canada’s technology triangle west of Toronto, Ontario, with other regional offices in the UK, Netherlands, India, Dubai, Kuala Lampur. plus a network of distributors and resellers in The United States, Middle East, South America and across the APAC and GCC regions.
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Web Filtering

Web filtering represents a valuable source of revenue and corporate customer value-add to telcos. An in-the-network solution that can help parents to control and monitor the web access in their household, which is an increasingly important capability given both the increasing ubiquity of web-enabled devices, as well as the decreasing ages at which children are accessing online content and resources. Tell me more…


Threat Protection

Web threats are and continue to be a concern for telcos, both in terms of the impact on subscriber happiness as well as on network and bandwidth utilization. A solution that can proactively prevent infection of subscriber computers with malware, as well as protecting subscribers from the predations of criminals applying phishing techniques, represents a significant value-add that can be delivered. Tell me more…



The Netsweeper Protection Pack enables Service Providers to provide their customers with end-point security capabilities and cipa compliance software to protect their businesses and families while increasing ARPU for the service provider. End users and oem solution increasingly are looking to their Service Provider as the trusted partner to provide them with bundled solutions that protect them from security threats and objectionable content on the Internet. Service Providers and government networks are in search of value-added services to leverage their network investment, and create marketing differentiation.

new revenue streams
  • Connector.

    Network-based filtering

    • Applies across all devices (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.)
    • Filters ‘guest’ devices on wifi
    • Reduced support calls/no issues compared to client-based solutions
    • No software for subscriber to download/install

  • Connector.

    Software solution that runs on standard Intel hardware

    • Low total cost of ownership
    • Smaller hardware footprint
    • Fewer servers reduce your IT Footprint and reduces your OPEX costs

  • Connector.

    Scaling involves simply adding more servers

    • Lower risk and cost to scale
    • Solution easily grows with the network

  • Connector.

    Deployable “out of band”

    • Zero latency filtering
    • Filtering is not a point of failure for the network
    • Not a proxy; you don’t have to proxy all traffic

  • Connector.

    Reduction in web-delivered viruses/phishing/malware/rootkits that can attack subscribers

    • Fewer calls to support desk
    • Lower churn rates
    • Better customer experience
    • Reduced ‘zombie’ traffic on the network

  • Connector.

    Flexible deployment modes

    • Physical Server or Virtualization or both
    • Out of Band or inline
    • Easy to install ISO Image contains everything you need
    • Optional Windows, Macintosh and Chrome support extend filtering to outside of your own network.

  • Connector.

    Telco-friendly pricing models

    • Lower cost to acquire
    • New revenue streams/opportunities

  • Connector.

    Per-user authentication

    • Different policies for different members within a subscriber household
    • Individualized reporting and audit trails

  • Connector.


    •Integration to LDAP, Radius, AD and many others
    •Transparent authentication options
    • Integration with SSO systems
    •Captive portal login support
    •Browser based authentication


No latency for approved traffic
• Over 50 predefined categories
• Custom category support
• Granular, URI-based filtering
• Configurable custom categories
• Dynamic categorization of new URIs
• A ‘learning’ local cache
• Filtering for HTTP and HTTPS/SSL
• Detect & block anonymous proxies
• IM & P2P blocking
• Malware, phishing & virus blocking
• Local allow/deny lists
• Web 2.0 categorisation
• Application/protocol blocking
Granular policies by user, group, site and more
• Time of day policies
• ‘Safe Search’ enforcement
• Keyword enforcement
• Default & guest filtering policies ofsted
• Minimum filtering policy options
• Bypass/override options (w. tracking)
• Standard and custom block pages
• Thresholds & “ban/lock out” options
• Soft “warning messages” with a continue option
• YouTube for Schools support
Clustering and multi tenant support
• DPI integration
• Network TAP/Bridge
• Port mirroring
• Squid proxy
• Cisco/Sandvine/Procera integration
• Client filter (windows/Mac)
• Web API available for integrations
• ICAP Support
Comprehensive Web Admin
• Secure Remote Administration
• Delegated Administration
• Detailed usage & traffic logging
• Standard and custom reports
• Exportable/integrated reports
• Real time and historical reports
• SNMP support
• URL Alerts (submit for human review)
• Reports by category/user/group/time
  • Faceboook
  • linkden
  • Youtube
  • google plus

Value added Services

The benefits to a telco or service provider in providing a Netsweeper filtering solution to corporate customers.




Technical Analysis

Netsweeper has dedicated project managers that are fully Prince/2 and PMP certified along with dedicated engineers, ensuring systems are deployed using industry standard and proven methodologies. Documentation is shared with customers on how the solution has been implemented. Everything from a High Level Design document to a Technical Statement of Work to Acceptance Planning and Testing. Everything is included.


Solution Engineers

Many types of deployments are possible with Netsweeper. Netsweeper solution engineers collaborate with the technical staff of the customer to understand the requirements, the network environment and any constraints that apply to the deployment. A Solution Document and Scope of Work is then created that will give greater details on the exact deployment. Deployed in the network with connection through a DPI, network TAP or other means, the best deployment options are “out of band” filtering, in which the Netsweeper solution does not interfere with legitimate traffic but instead only interrupts delivery of disallowed content.

Depending on the network and functionality required, Netsweeper can also deploy an inline solution as a ‘bump on the wire’ or a full proxy solution.

Netsweeper is dedicated to keeping your network safe


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