Ofsted was established in 1933 to provide an impartial and comprehensive picture of Schools performances in the United Kingdom.

Ofsted school reports attract so much controversy among people and in the media in the UK. Individuals in the UK find OFSTED reports stressful; they probably do not understand what OFSTED is all about. But what is OFSTED really about, what do they do, and what are their responsibilities and, are they really effective?

OFSTED is all about providing and regulating services that care for children and services that provide education for learners of all ages. Every week inspections and regulations are carried out in England and the results published online. OFSTED helps schools that are not doing very well to improve by monitoring them and sharing with them best practices that we find on a weekly basis. Although OFSTED does a lot of school’s betterment, critics have pointed out that the organization is biased in its reporting and have consequently felt that their reports do not help or improve schools at all. They argue that the criteria used to judge a school may not reflect the issues that are most important for the parent and the child.

But what are some of the responsibilities of OFSTED?

The organization has many responsibilities which include setting out policies and inspecting adoption, child care and fostering agencies and teacher training. Publishing reports according to their findings so that they can be used to improve the quality of education and training being offered and also inspecting schools that are well maintained, including institutions and programs outside higher education.

Although Ofsted provides an overview of how schools are performing, critics believe that their school reports do not entirely give the whole picture. They advise that when you are consulting for an Ofsted report for your local school, you should not take everything at face value, but you need to go and visit the school yourself. It is important to know that schools reports are published on the Ofsted website. When looking at the Ofsted reports is good to read between the lines, look at the actual comments instead of solely focusing on the Ofsted grades as this will give you a general idea of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. It is also important that if you are looking for a school for your child visiting the school can be better that relying on your judgment of the Ofsted reports because Ofsted standards tend not to be accurate at times. You should make sure to meet the head teacher and discuss the report. You should try to find out what the school is doing to comply with Ofsted standards. More importantly, look around the school and see if the children are jovial, confident and thriving. Think how your child will adapt to the environment there and trust your instincts in bringing your kids to the school.

It is important to look at Ofsted rankings carefully because a school that has been rated as outstanding doesn’t mean it is the best environment for your child. Put more focus on the environment and the mood of the children in the school. If the children appear happy and relaxed then it might as well be the best environment for your kid to do very well in school, Similarly, a school that has been rated as poor should not be judged because changes may have been made since the report was published. It is advisable not to be quick to judge the school that you child is if it fails to pass the Ofsted inspections. Do not take steps to move them somewhere because these findings do not necessarily reflect every aspect of the school.

If your child is happy and relaxed why move them?

Especially if their friends are staying put. Moving them may eventually affect their overall performance.

School Ofsted reports are necessary as they keep schools and institutions on their toes. It is important that Ofsted rankings remain because the rankings create a sense of competition that helps improve the education system and also the children’s lives in schools. The compliance of Ofsted teaching standards should adhere to create a standard quality of teaching. Having an understanding of what Ofsted is all about is crucial. Keeping yourself updated on the Ofsted website should be done on a regular basis.
An important element of an Ofsted report is safeguarding. Education providers are expected to have appropriate measures in the place to promote the welfare of children. Using advanced categorisation methods the Netsweeper “extreme” and “ hate speech” categories block radicalization and terrorist websites. Netsweeper’s reporting suite allows you to run specific reports on categories and configure alerts to be triggered in real time if a specific user tries to access the content. Block pages can be customised for safeguarding purposes. For specific categories accessed different block pages can be displayed for more vulnerable staff members or students.