Netsweeper to Attend CTIA Super Mobility 2016

Netsweeper is extremely proud to announce that we are going to attend the CTIA Super Mobility 2016 Conference in Las Vegas where the greatest experts and creative minds are going to discuss every aspect of the ever evolving wireless landscape in a detailed manner.


Mobile Technology Revolution 

Mobile technologies have revolutionized the way people live, communicate, shop, learn, work and travel. This innovation has touched every aspect of human life and the recent trends indicate that this technological explosion is going to reach new heights in the immediate future. Mobile operators have been making sincere and committed efforts to make their services value-based, updated, safe and customer friendly as well.


Security and Safety Issues 

It can be said without a doubt that mobile technologies offer a wide range of amazing benefits but various types of security issues can also be associated with them. When it comes to choosing a mobile network, customers have started focusing on security and safety issues along with other features. That is exactly where mobile operators need to differentiate their services by offering the most advanced user access control features over different types of web contents.


The Importance of Dynamic Web Filtering and Blocking Solutions 

Children always get exposed to questionable and pornographic content online and, parents always look for mobile operators who offer dynamic parental control features that can be used to deny children access to questionable content.


Netsweeper Solutions Ensure 100% Safe Online Environment 

Netsweeper’s web filtering and blocking software has become a hot topic of discussion among many mobile service providers all around the world. Mobile operators can make use of our state-of-the-art software to offer fully customized filtering services to their clients and they can provide it as a value added service to ensure 100% safe online environment.


Top Quality Adblocking Solutions 

Carriers and ISPS can also use Netsweeper’s adblocking solution that Ad block now filters unwanted and insignificant ads to offer most relevant data for their customers.


Dynamic Software 

When carriers install our software, they can offer special SIM packages for children and students with a pre-designed policy that ensures optimal protection against malware, virus, gambling, pornography and extremism as well. The Netsweeper solution contains all the features that mobile service providers are always looking for including consumer web interface, simple integration points, systematically updated URL database and web APIs and, the operators can design their services according to the exclusive requirements of their clients.


The most remarkable aspect is that Netsweeper solution does not reside on the device like conventional software. On the other hand; it is deployed in the network to offer a seamless experience upon activation and the end user receives only most relevant and safe content on their devices.   To book a meeting with Netsweeper please contact us now!