Netsweeper to Attend Gitex 2016!

Netsweeper is extremely delighted to announce that we are going to take part in 35th GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK to be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre on 16 to 20 October 2016. This prestigious IT exhibition brings together the most creative business minds in the world to discuss and define the latest trends in the information technology and it also offers a lifetime opportunity for innovative and ambitious tech startups to showcase their brilliant ideas to an audience of elite international investors.

Unstoppable technology explosion

We are living in a fully digitized world where technological illiteracy can make you look like an alien. Everybody uses highly sophisticated smartphones and advanced tablets and, the amazing growth of online revolution and social media made communication astonishingly fast. Information is at your fingertips and with a few clicks; you can pay your bills, withdraw or deposit cash and purchase anything you want from any part of the world.

Whirlwind like advancements and wildfire like security concerns

If technology is developing like a whirlwind, safety and web security issues are spreading like a wildfire. In this fast paced world, we need a safe online environment and, internet service providers and mobile carriers are making sincere and committed efforts to protect their customers against all types of digital frauds and malpractices.

The ever increasing importance of web filtering and porn blocking solutions

Children’s internet exposure has become an alarming source of concern for most parents. Various studies suggest that cyber predators, porn peddlers and cyber bullies are constantly targeting children and, the content that promotes radicalization and terrorism often misleads many young minds to join terrorist groups.

Netsweeper is deeply committed to offer a safe internet environment

As a socially responsible and trustworthy technological solutions service provider, Netsweeper strives hard to create a 100% safe online environment for our clients and we have partnered with reputed agencies like International Watch Foundation, Interpol and Cyber Tips to strengthen these agencies’ sincere efforts to eradicate online frauds, malpractices and misuses.

Learn more about Netsweeper solutions

We offer a wide range of highly advanced and innovative solutions to offer optimal security for the users and they include internet content filtering, URL filtering, ad blocking, gambling blocking, porn blocking, internet parental controls, mobile and remote filtering, radicalization prevent strategy, multi language filtering, student mobile protection, SSL security, web application management and many more web security solutions.

The most striking feature of our solutions is that they do not sit on the user devices but they reside on the network gateway of the client to offer faultless security upon activation and they eliminate all the limitations of the conventional software using highly advanced artificial intelligence technology.