LGFL Let’s Get Technical Conference – March 29

We were delighted to be asked to attend and present at the first ever Let’s Get Technical Conference hosted by LGFL. The focus behind Let’s Get Technical conference was on the technology behind LGFL’s Let’s Get Digital campaign. Presentations by LGFL partners and thought leaders showed how technical staff and school finance managers can save funds and update schools on new product developments.

The keynote speakers and topics discussed included:
• Google (AI in education)
• Apple (new partnership with LGFL)
• JANET (how to keep your school safe)
• Adobe (new products in the Creative Cloud that will be free to schools)
• Neverware (turning old laptops into Chromebooks)
• Microsoft 365 (migrating from Windows 7 to 10)
• Global Data (harnessing digital innovation)
• Rowena Fielding – Protecture

Our Newest Solution: nMonitor

We introduced our newest solution at the Let’s Get Technical Conference – nMonitor. Our plan is to make Netsweeper the hub for student protection. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new features that nMonitor will bring:
• In-line content detection engine – goes beyond URL filtering to detect content in-line and in real-time
• Theme-based keyword detection inbound/outbound
• Detects keywords based on Prevent Duty and Safeguarding themes
• Log and report incidents using Netsweeper’s analytics engine
• Drill-down reporting and incident management interface
• All this functionality will be available in Netsweeper’s core product

Ask about the BETA testing program today! Further developments will be announced later this year.

Want a Live Demonstration of the Netsweeper Platform?