Web Filtering Value Add Services leading to Healthier Carrier Revenues and Loyalty

Waterloo, ON, Canada: In an increasingly competitive market Mobile operators are differentiating themselves by seeking and rolling out value add services. Product differentiation plays a bigger role in the arsenal of weapons that a telco needs to maintain and increase their revenue market share. As subscription data services becomes the primary factor for users in choosing a network, mobile operators can differentiate their services by offering the users access control over types of web content by creating special data packages, which cater for selected target markets.

Netsweeper’s carrier-grade web filtering solution is an ideal software based tool, in which Service Providers can leverage to offer web filtering as value added service. Our robust out of band URL filtering solution is preferred by service providers worldwide due to the highest level of filtering throughput in the industry, the lowest total cost of ownership with zero latency and risk.

The Market
For the consumer market, mobile operators can offer value add parental control services where parents are enabled to prevent their children from accessing content during certain times during the day (i.e., homework time) and/or inappropriate web content such as pornography, gambling, extremism and so on. Netsweeper can provide Carriers with a customizable parental control interface where:
• A fully managed filtering self-care policy portal can be accessed where parents can decide what type of content to deny and allow with time restrictions, in addition to intuitive reports & notifications of a child’s internet activities
• Carriers can introduce of special SIM packages for children and students where the policy is already pre-provisioned by the operator (no pornography, gambling, extremism, malware, virus etc.)
• Carriers can introduce special data packages such as a “Kids Safe” with zero-rate application access and applied data limits
• The introduction of low cost SIM cards for students where a selected whitelist of educational network provider sites are allowed etc.

The Netsweeper solution has all the features needed (e.g. a consumer web interface, web APIs, simple integration points and dynamically updated URL database) for operators to design a service that fits the need.

For the business market, mobile operators can offer the self-managed web filtering service to the Small and Medium size Enterprise customers to enable IT administrator to manage the internet content access of the corporate mobile users. For examples policy enforcement may include denying access to non-productive & litigious content, cloud storage networks, social media and/or allowing access to work-only whitelist URLs.

Adoption & Increased Loyalty

The fact that the Netsweeper solution is deployed in the network as opposed to residing on the device equates to seamless use based on activation. The service is part of the network and if deemed necessary will reduce carrier churn, increase ARPU and preserve customer loyalty.

Netsweeper Inc. is a leading provider of application and Internet content filtering solutions for businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, service providers, carriers and OEM partners around the world. Essentially, if you connect, we protect. Netsweeper solutions supply IT managers with content filtering tools necessary to optimize network usage while providing all users with a positive, productive and safe Internet experience. Netsweeper also enables mobile carriers to explore a number of opportunities to increase ARPU, reduce churn and foster greater customer loyalty through a series of monetization strategies. Founded in 1999, Netsweeper Inc. is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada’s technology triangle with offices in the UK, India and Australia, including integrators and resellers worldwide.