Comprehensive, value added web filtering services and solutions that lead to enhanced revenue generation and improved customer loyalty.

Waterloo, ON, Canada- Netsweeper is excited and proud to announce that we will be attending the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2017, where the most accomplished experts in the industry will discuss the latest trends in mobile phones, mobile internet, and mobile applications.

The importance of enhanced access control and customized data packages

Today’s digital world has become fiercely competitive with different mobile service providers trying hard to differentiate themselves by offering advanced, value added services for their customers. If a Telco wants to stand out among competitors, they must come up with innovative concepts, products, and services. Subscription data services have become a vital criterion in selecting a network provider, and one of the most effective methods of differentiation is to offer enhanced access control over various types of online content. Offering fully customized data packages for chosen target markets leads to increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

High quality and affordable web filtering solutions with zero latency and risk

Netsweeper has designed a fully customized web filtering solution for mobile companies who can take advantage of the tool to provide web filtering as a value added service to their customers. Netsweeper solutions offer high quality filtering and do not leave anything to guesswork. As a result, many leading service providers have been using our solutions with zero latency, minimal risk, and high cost effectiveness.

Dynamic parental control services that bring true value 

Mobile carriers can utilize our parental control services to deliver excellent value added services to their clients. Parents get adequate control over the online activities of their children to prevent children’s access to inappropriate content including extremism, pornography, and gambling.

Customized parental control interface 

Netsweeper offers a completely customized parental control interface for mobile service providers where customers or parents can find a fully flexible self-care policy portal. This portal makes the process of managing children’s online involvement hassle-free, allowing parents to receive timely alerts, reports, and notifications about the activities of their child.

Pre-provisioned special SIM packages for children

With the help of Netsweeper solutions, mobile companies can implement unique SIM packages for children. Companies can make it available to customers with a pre-determined policy that prevents pornographic, extremist, and gambling content. Parents need not worry about malware and virus. We offer a special package for mobile carriers known as Kid’s Safe, keeping in mind that extremely cost effective student’s SIM cards can be introduced that put forward a specially designed white-list of selected network providers.

Self managed filtering services for business clients 

Netsweeper also offers customized packages for mobile carriers to serve their business clients. Our services empower mobile operators to offer self-managed web filtering packages for small and medium sized businesses, with the IT administrator able to easily manage internet activities of the employees, making the work environment more productive.

Seamless experience for the users and increased revenue for the carriers

Once activated, a Netsweeper solution offers a seamless experience because it does not sit on the device but rather, it is deployed in the network. Mobile carriers can easily integrate our solution into their networks, considerably increasing the average revenue per subscriber. They can also enjoy enhanced customer loyalty and reduced customer churn.

The Netsweeper solution offers all that a mobile carrier needs, while providing a customized plan for each provider that goes well with their unique needs and preferences.