Netsweeper to Attend Collision 2019

Collision is North America’s fastest growing tech event, and it’s happening at the Enercare Centre in Toronto from May 20-23. Over 25 000 people from more than 120 countries will be attending Collision. Collision brings together those who will redefine the tech industry, from the world’s biggest companies to the most innovative startups. The focus this year is on the challenges and opportunities that fintech, health, SaaS, and more are facing.

At Collision, we’ll be highlighting the Virtual Risk and our eCommerce VAT enforcement and collection solution. Discussions in recent years over how to collect eCommerce sales taxes combined with the rise in online shopping have produced a need for a tool to manage sales taxes. Netsweeper’s solution provides governments with the opportunity to collect eCommerce sales taxes in their country. This removes responsibility from the merchant to collect taxes and provides governments with the funds necessary to pay for services. This also prevents tax hikes to make up for lost revenue.

Come join us to learn more about our fintech solution from our CEO, Perry Roach.

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