Netsweeper TCEA 2016

TCEA 2016

Netsweeper will be attending TCEA 2016 at the Austin convention center from February 1st – 5th!

We, in collaboration with our partners, will be showcasing Netsweeper on stand 2227C. We are excited to be unveiling our new URL categorization & SSL capabilities and the Netsweeper next generation Web Administration user experience.

Stop by, be astonished and catch a glimpse of our new features and functions.

Netsweeper for Education & CIPA Compliance



Netsweeper Artificial Intelligence engine has categorized over 8+ billion websites into 85+ categories and leveraged in over 63 countries world-wide!

Centralized Policy Management 

A distributed classification system can be deployed as a centrally managed system. This proprietary technology makes us experts in configuring, identifying, tracking and filtering illicit CIPA Compliancematerial addressing regulatory compliance, while remaining the leader in content filtering.

Competitive Differentiation

Netsweeper clients for Chrome, Chromebooks, Windows and MAC for off network school usage

•Superior packet based content filtering
• Centralized Web Admin to manage Internet access policies, system administration rights and reporting
• Dynamic rating of web sites with massive database and Artificial Intelligence Engine
• Granular, user level administration and reporting
• Unbelievable Real-time monitoring and reporting
• Multi-tenancy server deployments
• Flexible deployment options (Educational Network Provider,  Netsweeper hosted or Telco)
• Delegate-able administration controls
• Perfected ability to identify anonymous proxies
• Small footprint with low hardware and other capital costs – all Intel based hardware
• High throughput solution with low latency
• Deployed in 63+ countries with multi-language support

Compliance – Enforce acceptable usage polices for K-12

• Children Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
• Fully integrated with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
• Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
• Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) (if publicly traded)
• Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

Why is Netsweeper the #1 choice for Education Content Filtering?

Netsweeper has a long established history and presence in the education market and parental control interface. With over 4 million active education customers in the US and UK and we know the parental controlsspecific challenges that schools face in the age of connectivity.
In addition to providing social media monitoring and alerts to our IWF partner, we protect all remote client end point devices desktop or mobile. Netsweeper is also committed and the only web filtering solutions capable of handling the largest student environments in excess of 400,000 active TCP connections. We are the “state of the art” Web Filtering solution and recognize that for many schools, traditional URL filtering is no longer sufficient.

What if you have thousands of users?

Netsweeper has proven deployments with demanding high-throughput customers delivering filtering from a few thousand to millions of users with 40+ Gbps (or more) in traffic. High availability and fault tolerance is inherent, supporting third-party load balancers, port-mirroring, port-spanning, tee-based packet duplication & policy-based routing and more.

Can Netsweeper filter any application and SSL websites?

Yes, of course! Netsweeper detects many popular application protocols, which can be allowed or blocked. Depending on the Netsweeper deployment all or selective application can be blocked and/or managed. It is also capable of filtering and inspecting secure websites that deliver content over HTTPS. Furthermore, Netsweeper is continuously expanding the capabilities in this area and will be introducing a Next Generation URI based SSL proxy this year!