Netsweeper nFilter, provides real-time analysis of online content that is often missed by other filtering and security products. We go beyond standard URL lists to ensure students are always protected from inappropriate or malicious content. Our proprietary categorization engine leverages our world-wide network to review over 150 million URLs every day and assigns them to over 90 education-focused categories.

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Dynamic Categorization using AI

Categorization is not list based and is therefore never out of date.

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Policy Reporting

Report on per user activity for auditing or other purposes.

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Delegated Administration

Delegate management of filtering policies to individual stakeholders within the organisation. For example, give approved teachers the ability to temporarily override a policy.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Out of the box templates or customisable reports for in depth analysis.

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Control multiple schools from a single pane of glass.

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Social Media Blocking

Flexible social media controls, in the school or at home.



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