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Enforce Laws Online as they are Offline

Our solution enables a jurisdictional ring around a country’s virtual network to centrally block the proliferation of offensive content in milliseconds. Our scalable and cost-effective solutions provide a cost-effective method of controlling harmful content and keeping citizens safe.

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The Challenge

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Controlling Big Tech

As illegal and harmful content spreads across unregulated platforms there is a need to protect online users.

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Proliferation of cyber-attacks undermine public safety.

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Terrorism and Extremism

Increased national and global pressure to combat the online publishing of cyberbullying, extreme shooting videos, and fake news that often spreads unchecked across social media and other platforms.


Implementing Netsweeper at a national level and in government owned telecom
providers enables legislative bodies to enforce safe and positive internet environments

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Advanced Content Analysis

Fast, accurate, categorization using AI for unlimited scalability.

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High Throughput

An easily scalable solution able to manage the highest level of throughput and transactions.

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Network Level Filtering at the Client

As part of the Netsweeper ecosystem, nClient leverages the AI powered technology in nFilter to provide the most complete protection against harmful and unwanted content.

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Central Administration

Universal policy management and enforcement across multiple networks.

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High Performance

A carrier-grade, multi-tenant solution with over 20 years of proven performance.

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Actionable Reporting

Intuitive dashboard administration with alerts for activities of interest to allow for immediate action. Jurisdictional law enforcement.

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