Netsweeper in the Workforce

Every business with employees using the internet faces the same issue: how to prevent internet abuse. Businesses are losing money because of unproductive employees visiting non–business related websites, web threats like malware and phishing penetrating their network, and legal liability issues. Netsweeper solves this challenge with cost-effective web filtering tools.

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Netsweeper’s advanced AI-driven content filtering solution helps IT teams solves the challenge of internet abuse

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Bandwidth Control

Reduce bandwidth abuse and mitigates legal liability concerns.

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Manage roaming laptops and enforces Acceptable Use Policies both on and off the network.

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Monitor, filter, and block access to non-business-related web content so employees remain productive.

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Reduce Threats

Block viruses, malware, and other malicious applications. With fewer network outages resulting from system infections, IT resources can focus on other business-related issues and projects.

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