Netsweeper for Government Compliance

Netsweeper’s software solutions support government compliance in a variety of industries and sectors to reduce the risk of terrorism worldwide. We have partnered with the UK Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit in order to provide an up to date list of over 5000 terrorism related websites and pieces of content. The internet can be used to promote, glorify, or help carry out acts of terrorism and violent extremism. We want to help put an end to this.

The Challenges:

• The ability to classify new and evolving internet content
• Finding a way to integrate within complex ISPs and telecom operators
• Gaining the power to enable jurisdictional legislation over the internet
• Creating unbiased solutions for any ISP or telecom operator
• The ability to ensure optimal end user experience with zero latency
• Finding a solution with encrypted list management with real-time push capabilities
• Finding a carrier grade, multi-tenant centrally managed solution with proper IT administration management tools
• Obtaining a solution with zero-minute detection of malware threats such as viruses, spyware, phishing scams, and other forms of malicious code
• Implementing a scalable solution for the entire country’s requirements

Netsweeper Provides:

• Real-time cloud-based classification engine (CNS) that has categorized billions of URLs  Click here for live stats
• Real-time list management that adds additional dangerous URLs and removes current safe URLs all within seconds
• A carrier grade solution with over 20 years of proven performance
• An easily scalable solution able to manage the highest level of throughput and transactions
• Central administration for government or an appointed administrator that includes proper IT administration management tools
• A carrier grade, multi-tenant, and centrally managed solution for all telcos or ISPs
• An optimal user experience with key features such as reporting by category, user, URL, and more
• Alerts for authorities regarding activities of interest to allow for immediate action
• Authentication experts for telecom operators

Some examples of illegal terrorist or extremist content include:
• Speeches or essays calling for racial or religious violence
• Videos of violence with messages of ‘glorification’ or praise for terrorists
• Postings enticing people to commit acts of terrorism or violent extremism
• Messages intended to stir up hatred against any religious or ethnic group
• Bomb-making instructions

Specialist officers will assess the information, and where appropriate investigate the website and work with partners to remove the content. As of May 2016, the CTIRU has had over 200,000 URLs removed from service providers to ensure that they are not accessible by UK citizens or organizations.