Healthcare Made Easy With Netsweeper

Protect your Human Intellectual Property with our Healthcare solution.

Healthcare Protection

As we progress further with the adoption of digital technologies in Healthcare, protection becomes one of the key deliverables of this journey.
Protection of data, systems and more importantly, people.

At Netsweeper protection is at the foundation of what we do, your employees, patients and guests digital safety and security is our top priority. A global reach, protecting over 500 million devices, to date we have categorised over 6 billion websites worldwide. Our carrier grade Secure Web Gateway (SWG) platform is designed to address the needs and strategy of all stakeholders within your Healthcare organisation.

Secure Web Gateway

On-Site or Cloud Deployment

At Netsweeper we understand the importance of enabling change, our SWG platform has the flexibility to be deployed in line with your organisational IT strategy be it an on-site deployment or leveraging the public/private cloud infrastructure. You can be rest assured your staff and partners can access the internet safely whether they are working from the office, home or via a public/guest access point. In an ever-increasing mobile working environment, you can be rest assured that no matter where or how your staff, partners or guests access the internet, they would be protected against the on-line threats.

Allow Traffic

HTTP/HTTPS request initiated by end user. If the requested URL category is allowed, no action.

Deny Traffic

Netsweeper injects the TCP RESET to the destination and send 302 redirect to the client who will be redirected to the deny page.

Category Name Service

The Netsweeper Category Name Service (CNS) is the industry’s most accurate, current and comprehensive solution for the classification of URLs. A proprietary cloud classification service, distributed globally and augmented by human inspection techniques categorizes and maintains the definitions of more than 90 categories in more than 30 languages. This dynamic URL categorization service not only classifies Internet for revenue generating opportunities, but also ensures protection against illicit content and advanced-targeted threats.