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Centralized Management for Ad Content Policy Control

Netsweeper is a distributed or centralized multi-tenant content classification and policy platform. Used worldwide by enterprises, educational providers, managed services providers, ISPs and Carriers to identify, track and categorize unwanted material, hence providing consumers a faster, clean and safe mobile and desktop browser experience.

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Ad content policy control

Allows administrators to block all predefined categories or any combination of categories. Of particular interest are security and information categories such as Ad Blocking, Advertising, Privacy and Adware.

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Privacy category

A Netsweeper category that helps to protect personal data by removing all forms of Internet tracking such as tracking scripts, bugs and information collectors.

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Faster internet

The average size for a website is 2.1MB -- triple the size of a site two years ago. Websites are implementing heavy tracking scripts, causing Internet bottle-necking and mobility has compounded the situation where website development tools and Ads sourcing platforms now cater to both. Netsweeper counters with faster page load time, faster response, a reduction in cost and an optimal user experience!

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Advertising category

A Netsweeper category that provides information about on-line advertisements, advertising graphics, banner ads, ad content files and other marketing materials. If you choose to block this category, many portal pages may appear broken because the advertisements are being blocked while the main content will still display.

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Ad block category

The Ad Blocking category is the most important category used to effectively block most ads on most websites. It can also help decrease bandwidth usage and is used to remove advertisements, unwanted frames, images and objects from all supported language websites. Netsweeper provides native multi-lingual support for over 30+ languages.

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Adware category

Adware is software that automatically displays unwanted ads in order to generate revenue for the adware’s authors. These ads display as banner ads or as an ad displayed during an installation. Furthermore, there are security concerns with adware, since it can track personal information and this information can be sold to a third party.

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Ad block benchmarking

Page load time decreased from 3.2 seconds to 1.17 seconds. Page size decreased from 1.8Mbyte to 1.3Mbyte.

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