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Governments and regulatory bodies have opposed gambling for moral, ethical, and social reasons. Gambling has been limited to lotteries and off-track betting, and it has been fiercely restricted, unable to spread as a commercially independent industry. In addition, some US states and countries have monopolized gambling to generate non-tax revenue (GGR). The Internet and recent technological advances have diluted restrictions and have turned Internet gambling into a global issue by ignoring and circumventing regional and political borders.

The availability of global Internet gambling sites has provided a real-world opportunity to improve public policy. The public has shown extreme interest in online gambling, and has demonstrated through the billions of dollars spent annually on offshore gambling websites that they will continue to gamble even if their government classifies it as illegal. Although criminal prosecutions and legislation can cause online gambling sites to fluctuate in the short run, the demand for online gambling remains, resulting in offshore operators figuring out ways to meet that demand.


The solution we are proposing is one called the Market Access Control System in conjunction with the Netsweeper Dynamic Categorization Engine, a full service SaaS solution. The system continually and actively detects emerging workarounds and deceptions in constant protection of the iGaming marketplace. The solution provides dynamic techniques of identification of content and classification. Updated in real-time, it will ensure that all new sources of iGaming transactions are monitored and the appropriate policies are applied. Utilizing techniques that include Lexical, Syntactic, and Semantic Features with Maximum Entropy Models and Complex Bayesian Analysis with a real-time Human Review element, the solution provides iGaming Jurisdictions with accurate and dynamic identification of iGaming needed to enforce regulations.


The solution uses blocking techniques that utilize a series of network techniques in each implementation architecture to provide a traffic monitoring, policy enforcement, and blocking solution without degradation of the ISP/Telco network. The solution ranges from full Network Bridge mode to fully out of band implementations using SPAN ports, Tee Mode, or BGP routing. The solution utilizes a variety of Network Layer 2 traffic monitoring and packet injection techniques to monitor the traffic in the ISP or Telco. Content is inspected by a series of advanced, industry leading content analysis engines that provide dynamic, real time, and accurate capabilities to monitor, enforce policy, and deny access to iGaming content as directed by the iGaming Jurisdiction.


The Over Blocking Index (OBI) or rate of blocking legal content is 0%. When a jurisdiction gaming authority sets its initial iGaming policies, the jurisdiction is aided to establish specific parameters of the policies. This ensures that only content in violation of the policies is blocked, and any uncertain content is detected for further analysis and policy decisions. The Blocking Rate Index (RBI) is below 99.99%. Many gaming authorities have significant databases, and the solution is able to incorporate many alternative starting points for blocking. An internal blocking target of 92% is a good start to help focus on rapid ongoing refinement based on actual activity in each particular jurisdiction. This will help to elevate blocking success rates to 98% or better within a short time frame.

There is virtually no performance degradation compared to baseline. The solution is able to provide performance levels that meet the demands of the ISP or Telco, and routinely achieves latency per request levels that are negligible to users.

All internet requests (HTTP, HTTPS, etc.) are examined. This includes monitoring all protocols. The system is port independent, with capabilities to monitor all ports. However, for preciseness and accuracy in the solution, the focus is very specific on transactional iGaming activity. Transactions and traffic in an encrypted tunnel cannot be seen by the solution, but the initial connection and certificate exchange can be monitored by the solution at a Layer 2 packet level. By enforcing connection level rules and utilizing the dynamic capabilities of the system to monitor changes in the infrastructure of the licensed and unlicensed iGaming providers, the solution will effectively block all communications to the unlicensed providers. The solution provides a sophisticated GeoIP based tracking. ARIN subnets are inserted into the system and will match the source and destination IP ranges to apply policies from the iGaming Jurisdiction, thus providing full control over the application of the regulations.

Involved is a one-time implementation hardware purchase that enables a distributed appliance network to feed centrally controlled policy management, administration, and reporting functions. As part of the implementation process, a technical marketing executive will map the most effective and cost efficient structuring of these hardware expenses, all while ensuring peak system performance.

Netsweeper‘s quality control teams constantly respond to all current and emerging non-web protocols. One of the most significant advantages is that the solution is capable of containing the drain of existing iGaming by focusing on downloaded gaming applications that do not connect through a browser. Blocking iGaming through website traffic alone is ineffective at market containment.

Netsweeper will offer countries that do not currently have a regulated program the opportunity to manage the license usage and to be able to prosecute offenders and increase GGR. In countries with existing programs, Netsweeper with the Market Access Control System will incrementally increase GGR up to 80% to increase tax dollars returned to the country.


Block Online Gambling
Block illegal online gambling websites that allow real money payments. Forbidden online casinos are present on the Internet. Netsweeper keeps your network safe.
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