Block Online Piracy

Internet users worldwide search daily for streamed content in the form of both music and video. This content, that is accessed, is often illegal, putting the user’s network security at risk. These web pages may be laced with viruses and malware, and if accessed, they can negatively affect your network and organization. A combination of peer-to-peer file sharing and increased social network messaging have led to increased concern over the illegal distribution of content. With a trusted Netsweeper web filtering solution in place, users who search for streamed content, will be directed to safe, legal providers as opposed to pirate sites that may compromise a user’s security. By implementing Netsweeper’s solution, you are helping to protect both users of the web and creators of material.

The need to block pirated content is even greater than before. With the rise of Kodi set-top boxes, the High Court has ordered blocking servers streaming Premier League football matches illegally via the Kodi boxes. This has been ordered under section 97a of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Acts. The orders will not stop there. The High Court will continue to work with ISPs and Governments to block the streaming of all illegitimate content/services.

Kelly Fiveash (UK), Ars Technica

Netsweeper Technology

With Netsweeper, there is the ability to enable ISPs to blacklist websites providing illegal content within their authority, so that customers cannot access such content. Netsweeper’s advanced communal software evaluates the millions of new URLs added to the Internet daily. Netsweeper’s Artificial Intelligence engine or Category Name Service can detect threats within any newly posted content. This technology evaluates the different ways words are used on websites. From there, the context in which the words are used is analyzed. Based on this analysis, a website may be blocked or allowed. For example, the system may detect a website providing a “free stream” of a popular television show and apply the applicable category to the content. If deemed illegal, or pirated content, by the authority, based on list information and/or geo-ip location, the broadcast stream is immediately thwarted.


Netsweeper supports any device connected to the network and provides client filtering for off network deployments on Windows, Mac OS, and Google Chrome. Netsweeper’s WebAdmin interface is simple to use. Administrators can enforce multiple custom policies for individual users or groups. Administrators can also create or customize filtering lists to block harmful material more effectively. Administrators can block predefined categories or any combination of categories.