Block Pornography

Anonymity, easy access, and affordability have played prominent roles in making internet pornography popular. Many say that pornography is relatively less dangerous than other outlets of sexual experimentation. This can be seen as a false perception. More hidden and obvious dangers of online pornography have become apparent and online pornography addiction has become an alarming concern for many people. Most parents want to block all porn related sites because they do not want to find their children addicted to pornography. An addiction to pornography can happen in both children and adults alike, and has also become a major concern in today’s society.


How to block pornographic sites on a computer

It is not the addictive tendency of people alone that makes online pornography dangerous. A good number of pornography websites also make use of malware exploitation to make your network highly problematic and vulnerable to many other complications. This means that online pornography has the capacity to create technical issues, social issues, safety issues, and psychological issues. It has become a major source of concern for business organizations and homeowners as well. You can find a wide range of applications to block pornographic content, but many of these applications do not offer the expected results. To block internet pornography effectively, Netsweeper offers the best solution that delivers superior results.



Advanced pornography blocking solutions

It does not matter whether you are looking for a solution to block pornography on a computer or a mobile device, Netsweeper offers the best solutions to keep your network safe. The most advanced pornography blocking solutions that Netsweeper provides review web pages in real time and block either pornographic or adult content according to your own exclusive preferences. Netsweeper web filter solutions are designed to categorize HTTP, HTTPS and FTP into over 90 categories including pornography, gambling, and media streaming. It also filters grey areas such as social networking to give employees limited access at certain times. Such an approach eliminates the possibilities of misuse with the utmost efficiency.


Netsweeper Solution
Netsweeper’s sophisticated technology evaluates the content of a website by looking at which words are used and in what context to block pornography sites with 100% accuracy. For example, the pornography blocker of Netsweeper can differentiate the word ‘genitals’ based on the context in which it is used. It can be used in a medical context or sexual context, and the pornography blocker analyzes these aspects in a detailed manner to deliver 100% accuracy.



Other leading benefits

The Netsweeper block pornography solution can be described as a fully managed web-based service with complete active directory integration to block porn sites. In addition, our solution offers 24 hour access to technical support for clients. You can expect zero-hour protection with live advice from the network operations center, with the policy and security settings controlled through a single web interface. Most importantly, Netsweeper does not slow down your computer or your smartphone while blocking the pornographic content. It also gives you the much needed peace of mind by offering the best pornography blocking solution available.


The statistics

Various studies show that there are more than 420,000,000 pornography pages on the internet, and that more than 70,000,000 search engine requests for pornographic content are made every day. These statistics reveal that there is a large number of people addicted to online pornography, with recent trends indicating that the numbers are increasing at a rapid pace.

Learning how to block pornographic websites from your computer and mobile device in both your home and office can help protect against the dangers of pornographic websites. As a reliable and socially responsible service provider, Netsweeper offers the best pornography blocker solutions to keep your network safe.