Cloud Filtering Solutions

Web security has become an alarming concern for many business owners, educational providers, mobile service providers, internet providers, and end users. One may come across software that can be installed on the devices of end users that offers protection against web threats to a certain extent. In a fully digitized world, security threats are posing challenges daily, with people constantly looking for more dynamic and advanced solutions to ensure enhanced safety. As a committed and accomplished service provider, Netsweeper realizes the responsibility of offering highly sophisticated solutions, which is why we have introduced the most advanced cloud filtering solutions to meet the highest security standards in the industry.

Unparalleled visibility and control

If you would like to enjoy a highly powerful web filter without using a network appliance, you can use our cloud based security solutions. Our top quality security management platform ensures unparalleled visibility and control, enabling the comprehensive control of internet usage with highly effective blocking features and user-based policies.

Netsweeper cloud hosting security solutions compliment OFSTED efforts to improve the educational system

OFSTED was established in the year 1933 with the intention of providing unbiased and comprehensive reports on the performances of schools in the United Kingdom. Intentions are good, however, critics are of the opinion that the reports and findings do not offer a detailed picture of the existing academic situation. At the same time, school OFSTED reports are essential because they keep schools on their toes and the ranking system helps to develop healthy competition among schools, improving the education system. The essential purpose of OFSTED is to ensure the best environment possible in schools and for education providers to have the right measures in place to encourage the welfare of children. Netsweeper’s cloud web filtering solutions can be used for safeguarding purposes, complementing OFSTED efforts in the best possible manner to improve the educational system.

Simple and easy

Netsweeper’s cloud web filtering solutions allow organizations to create policies to safeguard themselves against pornography, viruses, terrorism related content, phishing, malware and other types of security threats. The set up process is simple, and our comprehensive reporting allows for viewing of browsing activity of your organization. Furthermore, when the cloud server hosting solutions become active, multiple locations can be controlled from one portal, meaning you do not need to worry about installing any onsite software.

Optimal CIPA compliance

Our internet cloud solutions pair well with the internet child protection policy and our cloud computing services for web security are CIPA compliant. While using our real time categorization engine and centrally administered tools, you do not have to bother with activities such as filtering and blocking, and internet control access becomes the responsibility of IT managers.

Learn about the leading benefits of our dynamic cloud based security solutions

Netsweeper provides mobile filtering for every device and OS and always offers seamless user authentication to ensure optimal protection. Other important benefits of our cloud filtering services include full SSL decryption for secure use across various sites, customizable policies for different users, actionable reporting, real-time categorization, sophisticated multi-language filtering, online pornography blocking features, advanced ad blocking solutions, customer-friendly parental controls, faultless radicalization prevention strategies, error-free student mobile protection, and many more beneficial web security solutions.

With each cloud key created for single or multiple users, you can take advantage of the optimal coverage, precision, and flexibility that Netsweeper cloud filtering solutions have to offer. Our artificial intelligence engine combined with our human expert review team delivers excellent web security solutions. Netsweeper ensures a cost-effective and safe online environment, backed up by the positive responses from existing clients.

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