Mobile Remote Filtering

Methods of computing and communication are becoming more mobile every day. The proliferation of laptops, tablets, netbooks, and smartphones in both the corporate and education community has raised concerns around security and acceptable Internet use.

Netsweeper  web filtering for Business and client software applications have been developed to resolve all issues pertaining to network and remote content filtering enforcement. Once installed, IT managers are able to manage Internet access and activity by applying policies to both network and remote users. At the same time, the technology also protects remote users from malicious, web-borne content that could harm the performance of devices. Upgrades are pushed out to users from a central console and can either be mandatory or optional.

Features and Benefits Provided by Netsweeper Mobile Filtering

•Continue to protect users and equipment off the network by monitoring Internet usage and filtering or by blocking access to sites with inappropriate content and malicious applications

• Ensures networks remain safe and secure when devices connect back to the primary network

• Promote compliance and continue to monitor or audit usage through extensive reporting while devices are off network
• Filtering and/or blocking Instant messaging, Social Media, Peer to Peer file transfers and all Internet requests to ensure devices are not being abused
• Simple to install, while all administration is done from one central, web-based management tool
• Available for Windows XP (and higher) , Macintosh (10.4 and higher) OS, Google Chrome & Chromebooks

Furthermore, Netsweeper’s remote filtering and web security has enabled the success of student 1:1 eLearning programs worldwide. Specifically designed to manage student Internet access anywhere and anytime, Netsweeper ensures students are protected online. For more information on Netsweeper’s Student Mobile Management program, read on!

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