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Protecting Student Wellness

Real-time content monitoring and reporting for early intervention

Student Safety Ecosystem: Protect – Monitor – Prevent

As the world grows more connected online so does the potential for children and youth to be more exposed to harmful or illegal content. It is now even more critical that education providers have the tools for student monitoring to ensure that they can accurately detect and assess student behaviours in order to intervene early to effectively mitigate safeguarding risks.

With over two decades of research and development, Netsweeper’s AI-based web content categorization platform is the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive solution for the classification and filtering of online content –  providing schools with the best defense to protect students online.

Fully integrated into the core Netsweeper Platform, nMonitor™ technology works both online and offline, scanning internet content, desktop content, and user-submitted data in real-time, providing valuable insights via in-depth reporting into activities that previously might have gone undetected.


Netsweeper Technology

Netsweeper provides the most dynamic, and unbeatable technology for safeguarding young people’s online activity within the classroom. Netsweeper categorizes URL content in over 90 countries with categories such as Hate Speech, Extreme, Criminal Skills, Weapons, and Profanity.

Netsweeper’s monitoring and reporting capabilities are very important for logging e-safety incidents and concerns in order to accurately understand patterns of online behaviour.

Netsweeper’s technology ensures safe and productive Internet environments at all times, and is a robust and reliable solution for the safeguarding of children within the school system.

Key Features

Built on the Netsweeper Filtering Platform

nMonitor is integrated into the proven Netsweeper platform and leverages our advanced global categorization engine

Real-time Data

User data and on-screen content is monitored and report in real-time allowing for prompt action to be taken

Intuitive Dashboards

Netsweeper’s reporting technology delivers detailed activity information in  a concise visual dashboard so you can quickly analyze your school’s information

Online and Offline Monitoring

nMonitor Client enables OCR capability to scan visible content on webpages, a document, or in a message and capture screenshots for review

Customized Alerts & Reports

Create custom reports and alerts to facilitate easy review with the exact type of granularity required for your school

Trend Analytics

Chart historical data to analyze and understand trends and changes in behavior across users, categories or websites