On the 12th of March 2015, the UK Government issued the Prevent Duty Guidance, which places a duty of care on schools stating that it is now mandatory for schools to have a “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”.UK Government

OFSTED, the UK education regulator, has been given the responsibility of monitoring how well the duty is being implemented in schools. Specifically, they are responsible for overseeing how well the school is performing in preventing extremists from seeking to radicalize learners as well as supporting those learners perceived to be at risk of extremist influences. This is now a key requirement for OFSTED to inspect moving forward.

To meet and exceed the requirements of the Prevent Duty Guidance, Netsweeper has developed a comprehensive strategy to prevent radicalization and terrorist content from reaching students and staff.

Real-Time Web Filtering

By visiting the Netsweeper live stats page, it is possible to see the amount of content being categorized by Netsweeper each hour. The web is consistently changing and the dynamic AI used to power Netsweeper can assign categories more rapidly than ever before. If new radicalization content is spread on the internet, it takes Netsweeper a maximum of twenty seconds to block the content for its 500 million user base.

Radicalization Categories

The Netsweeper product assigns categories to web pages based on the content found within the page. If a new radicalization website is created, the page is scanned and assigned a category. Depending on its content it could fall under “Hate Speech”, “Extreme”, “Criminal Skills”, or “Weapons” and will be blocked for the user.

Multi-Language Filtering

Due to its large collective community of customers worldwide, Netsweeper offers filtering in over 30 languages. A full list of languages is available on our website, however with more and more content being published across a vast range of different languages, Netsweeper can keep up and block this content.

Home Office Collaboration

Netsweeper collaborates with the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) to help find and block new content being published online. With its global reach and global categorization techniques, Netsweeper can not only categorize, but supply the CTIRU with new terrorist sites found by the product to be taken down from the internet forever.

You can read more about how Netsweeper meets and exceeds the government’s requirements for the Prevent Duty Guidance in the below link, which contains details of Netsweeper’s self-accreditation for UK Safer Internet.

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