Student Mobile Protection

E-learning programs are becoming more popular. These programs are designed to extend student learning beyond the classroom by incorporating technology, and more specifically, the internet. To support this learning trend, educators are providing laptops, tablets, and netbooks to students. However, this trend does not come without its challenges. Providing students with web-enabled devices raises concerns for their personal safety. Netsweeper’s client filtering technology reduces the risks students will face online. Both CIPA compliant and BECTA accredited, Netsweeper will immediately protect students from inappropriate or explicit content, the dangers of social networking, online solicitation, and personal identity theft. Netsweeper’s reporting technology delivers detailed information on the Internet use of each and every device. This information is critical for stakeholders wanting to justify the investment and continuity of these programs. Brandable web client filters are available for Windows XP (through 10), Mac OS, and Google Chrome (browser and OS). Netsweeper also integrates with existing MDM solutions and Single Sign On Services (SSOS).

Addressable use cases for a proven lower cost education solution

  • Speed: the fastest application and content filtering solution for government network security in the market
  • Device agnostic for off network filtering Netsweeper has native client filters for Mac OSX, Windows (XP through Windows 10), Google Chrome, and Chromebooks
  • Centralized web-based administration tools empower IT managers to control internet access and activity on a global, group, or per user level, while also delegating access controls to other named staff, such as specific teachers
  • Empower teachers with detailed reporting on student internet activity to ensure usage is positively impacting student performance
  • A scalable, flexible, and reliable solution that will integrate with your existing infrastructure and will support your business network security now and in the future, without the need for extensive investment in hardware
  • Configurable eSafety messages to provide ongoing “learning moments” instead of just blocking content
  • Ability to better manage network bandwidth by controlling access to high bandwidth resources

For more information on Netsweeper’s Student Client Web Filters, please contact sales today.