URL Filtering and Categorization

Why is URL filtering important? 

While the internet offers unlimited opportunities, it also throws up a wide range of problems. Not knowing how to safely use the web can be dangerous, leading to a variety of complications. Phishing sites have become a concern for many website owners. Hackers steal confidential information using phishing and spear-phishing.

There are many reasons as to why you may want to filter URLs to control the web addresses online users access. It can be used as a security precaution to prevent virus attacks and phishing, or used to keep children away from inappropriate sites. Businesses use URL filtering software to prevent the stealing of confidential information and to eliminate internet distractions at the workplace.

What is URL filtering?

URL filtering is used to categorize websites on the internet in order to allow or block access to web users based on their credibility and reputation. URL filtering categorization allows or blocks websites based on actual URLs or web content, ensuring the safety of the website owner. When the web address of a blocked website is typed into a browser, a message will be presented saying, “The policy of the organization does not allow you to browse the website.” Netsweeper makes use of its highly advanced URL content filtering solutions to help you stay connected with legitimate and reliable websites only.

Netsweeper URL filtering categorization

Netsweeper solutions provide safety to customers,  protecting them from all types of internet threats and malicious websites with enhanced online visibility. The solutions have minimal latency for approved traffic, while business organizations can easily preserve IT resources, improve the productivity of employees, and eliminate compliance, human resource, and legal liabilities. Netsweeper’s URL filtering software offers perfect control over web use with the help of more than 50 predefined categories.

Firewall content filtering

Netsweeper’s cloud web filtering solutions are used by a wide range of businesses as a part of their internet firewall. Many homeowners use our security software to monitor the internet for malicious activity.

Dynamic technology, accurate categorization, and minimal support costs

Netsweeper’s fully integrated URL filtering database allows for easy and effective enforcement of web browsing policies. Our solutions allow for categorization and classification of websites, with improved coverage and minimal support costs.

Faultless filtering based on reputation

Netsweeper’s URL filtering tools identify a website’s reputation level using factors that include rank, location, history, age, network, links, and other related aspects. Careful analysis of these factors provides a realistic picture to helps administrators fine tune security settings. Our solution makes it easy to protect your site against any type of malicious attack.

TMG URL filtering

Netsweeper has been involved with deploying TMG (Threat Management Gateway) for URL filtering in a wide range of business organizations. The process of deploying URL filtering using Microsoft TMG becomes hassle-free with the unique services offered by Netsweeper. Netsweeper’s advanced technology and solutions accurately provide URL filtering across different departments within a business organization.

Leading benefits associated with Netsweeper’s web based content filtering solutions

Benefits of Netsweeper solutions include custom category support, web 2.0 categorization, IM & P2P blocking, filtering for HTTP and HTTPS SSL, dynamic categorization of new URLs, malware detection, phishing and virus blocking, detecting and blocking anonymous proxies, on-appliance database, application/protocol blocking, configurable custom categories, automatic updates through the intelligence network, and much more.

URL filtering categorization has become extremely important. In order to protect a website against malicious and phishing websites, a responsive URL filtering system is crucial.

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