The use of web applications and services is common practice in communicating and transmitting data over the internet. Unfortunately, use of these web tools also exposes users to a host of potential security, confidentiality, and reputational risks. Implementing Netsweeper either in the core of the network or as a client solution helps protect users, networks, and organizations.

Features and Benefits Provided by Netsweeper
• Filtering and/or blocking access to over 40 web applications such as Instant Messaging, File sharing, web email, etc. reduces exposure to viruses, malware, or other forms of malicious code
• Blocking such applications will also reduce the risk of confidential information leaving an organization
• Manage applications to ensure network and other critical applications have sufficient bandwidth to perform as required
Controlling access to Internet applications such as file sharing, IM, VoIP, Streaming media, and other protocols will ensure bandwidth costs are kept in check, and appropriate bandwidth is available for other Internet dependent applications
• Leakage of confidential data, whether corporate or personal in nature, is controlled to mitigate identity theft and personal reputation defamation

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