Partner with Netsweeper

Netsweeper’s proprietary technology reviews and categorizes websites in real-time with absolute precision. Our system leveerages AI to search activities and patterns of more than 500 million filtered devices to find all possible cyber threats. We offer a highly scalable platform that can be cloud-based or deployed on-premise.

At present, a wide range of educational institutions, businesses, OEM partners, telecoms and other service providers rely on Netsweeper for secure, real-time web filtering. If you are searching for an effective solution that provides filtered and controlled access to the web, look no further. Netsweeper’s corporate web filtering solutions can be delivered as a part of your IT services, equipping your customers with complete control over their employee’s safety needs.

 Benefits of the Netsweeper platform:

  • Offers a highly scalable platform via cloud or on premise deployment
  • A solution that integrates fully with all BYOD (Android, IOS, Windows, MAC, Google Chromebooks)
  • In-depth reporting with real-time alerts
  • Real-time web filtering with selective SSL decryption
  • Billions of categorised URLs
  • Multi-language filtering
  • Proven scalability with no single point of failure
  • Ability to white label the solution to promote your own brand