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A fast and secure network is a must in today’s world. OEM IT administrators are tasked with delivering on this requirement as the use of network and Internet resources is now common practice.

Netsweeper provides Internet content filtering solutions that will monitor, audit, filter, and report on Internet usage within any organization. Whether you are looking to protect students in a school by implementing an education filtering service or looking to leverage content filtering within a telco ISP network, Netsweeper has a solution that will put network management and control into the hands of the IT administrators.

Deploying a Netsweeper solution is simple. Possessing over a decade of experience in enterprise web protection, we will provide best practice suggestions for implementing your solution based on a thorough understanding of your identified needs. Whether you envision a single global policy for your entire user population or prefer to monitor and filter on a per user basis, Netsweeper can address your model. Further, to maximize your return on investment, Netsweeper can provide a hosted filtering service to get you started, or an NS PROx web filter appliance that will let you take ownership of the equipment you need to filter your network without having to invest heavily in hardware and resources.

A Netsweeper solution provides…

  • Protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious applications
  • Filtering of content to enforce acceptable Internet use – protecting children, managing employee productivity, and government network security
  • Management of bandwidth which will reduce overall network costs while promoting efficient network performance
  • Reduce legal liability risk by securing and monitoring network use
  • A flexible administrative tool that puts the control and management of Internet site access in the hands of the delegated administrative staff
  • Filtering of laptop users off network with the installation of client filters where necessary

When you partner with Netsweeper for Internet Content Filtering, you will receive a top-notch solution that works, all at a competitive price point supported by a dedicated team of professionals.