Ofsted Compliance and Netsweeper

Netsweeper’s quick reports along with alerts and automated emails to all stakeholders fully complies with the OFSTED reporting practices of schools. Reports are only available to members of the IT team that are set up. Information is separated by school or group so that the IT team member/teacher can only see their respective reporting information. With Netsweeper’s patented Deny Page Messaging, millions of messages can be sent to pupils reminding them of key policies. Links can be put on these messaging pages directing pupils and teachers to educational web landing pages that outline additional information. For example, Netsweeper can display an anti-bullying message, providing the pupil with a link to a government approved anti-bullying website.


With Netsweeper’s online knowledge base and access to online training videos, schools and all departments within them can easily learn about how Netsweeper can assist their pupils in taking online behavior seriously. Netsweeper’s 90+ categories protect pupils while online. Messaging via Netsweeper’s patented deny page strategies will consistently educate pupils, and allow for conformity across all schools. With Netsweeper’s categorization and language benefits, schools will comply with the best in the business. With over 20 years of UK and world education experience, the Netsweeper platform is the most compliant and sure to deliver.

Netsweeper is a key partner to the Internet Watch Foundation, with IWF included in Netsweeper’s offerings. Netsweeper’s categories comply with the inappropriate content requirements. With Netsweeper’s web threat management security categories, identity theft prevention is addressed by not allowing a pupil or teacher to download a site that has a virus/malware associated with it. Netsweeper’s cyberbullying educational messages can be linked to government approved, educational websites. Reports and charts measure this, and can be sent to compliance people weekly/monthly showcasing the results of OFSTED compliance. Netsweeper reporting is 100% OFTSED compliant, complete with quick OFSTED reports and a patented report wizard that can generate and automatically email customer reports necessary for additional OFSTED requirements.