Netsweeper OEM Solutions

Netsweeper’s internet content filtering and web threat management solutions are leveraged by an assortment of third party filtering solutions provided by a global network of OEM partners. By bundling Netsweeper with these other filtering options, our partners have been able to take advantage of our proven technology. As a result, any pre-existing filtering offerings are enhanced, and new revenue streams can be built by adding value to the partner’s present product suites.

Embed Netsweeper Into an Existing Product Suite

Unified threat management and web content filtering vendors worldwide have adopted and embedded the entire Netsweeper application into their own product suite. In some cases, filtering is offered as an option, whereas in other cases, filtering is a standard component of the total solution. Either way, our partners have embedded a branded and completely private labelled filtering solution.

Connect to Netsweeper’s Real-time Categorization Technology

Some filtering providers offer an existing filtering solution but require access to a categorized URL database. Netsweeper provides access to a list of over 3 billion categorized URLs, and also allows partners to integrate with our core content categorization engines and technology. This helps ensure ongoing filtering accuracy of content uncovered by subscribers of competing applications.

Implementation of either of the above options is simple. With a carefully assembled Software Development Kit (SDK), the Netsweeper application can be integrated with all OEM solutions quickly, requiring minimal resources.

Features and Benefits for OEM Partners Using Netsweeper’s Content Filtering

• Superior web filtering with real-time content categorization and URL updates
• Dedicated Netsweeper resources to support OEM partners and their respective platforms
• Netsweeper can be tightly integrated with other third party offerings resulting in a very low total cost of ownership (TCO), as little or no additional hardware is required to support the merged solution
• Increased customer loyalty and retention with a more complete solution
• Ability to generate additional revenue with an added value offering, where an annual subscription licensing model is typically used for filtering services

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