Telco IP Blocking Software

Netsweeper solutions enable telcos to filter or block inappropriate web content and malicious, web-borne threats before subscriber internet requests are processed. By deploying Netsweeper’s patented, real-time, dynamic internet content filtering and web threat management solutions, operators are able to provide fast, clean, and reliable internet service. They are empowered to process regular volumes of throughput without compromising performance.

Netsweeper is capable of processing over 200,000 internet requests per second, along with 10 Gbps of throughput on a single Intel server. Netsweeper is a best-in-class ‘cloud’ service offering that is capable, yet economical.

Typical Challenges

  • Demand for clean internet feeds – In many countries around the world, governments are implementing regulations whereby telcos are required to filter and block specific content in the core of their networks before a request is actually delivered to the internet subscriber
  • In the core or in the cloud services – for network scalability and control, telcos seek systems with the capability to operate in the cloud
  • Core web security – web threat management solutions that can operate in a telco network allow for considerable control and protection from zero-hour and known web threats to be provided to the subscriber base

Features & Benefits Provided by Netsweeper

Netsweeper solutions are designed to enable large network providers with a strategic competitive advantage.

  • Netsweeper is the fastest web content filtering and access management solution on the market today. It operates ‘in-the-core’ of your network, free from latency and lagging performance issues
  • Allows for a continuously clean internet feed for all web-enabled devices based on the local content parameters as established by regional legislative authorities
  • A scalable, flexible, and reliable solution that will integrate with existing infrastructure and will support your business now and in the future, without the need for extensive investment in hardware
  • Capable of supporting carrier-grade web filtering on multiple 100G links
  • Provides zero-hour network protection against web-borne viruses, malware, and phishing threats to ensure network reliability for end users
  • Potential revenue opportunities through monetization programs
  • An advanced web-based administration console, equipping IT management with complete operational control over the application. This includes policy management, reporting, administration access, etc.