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In today’s world, the internet is a powerful tool used by everyone everywhere, which means it is crucial for organizations to have a sustainable web content filtering system. With Netsweeper, managed services providers can deliver the data your business customers want; carriers can reduce churn and increase ARPU (average revenue per user) by providing a delightful user experience to their subscriber base.

The primary benefit to having internet filtering software is that it protects from unwanted web content, increases employee productivity, and enforces acceptable corporate use policies, enabling organizations in reaching their goals. Netsweeper has the experience and the expertise to work with you in delivering a solution that matches your unique technology and commercial requirements, making us a valuable solution to your internet filtering problems.

Protects from Unwanted Web Content

Leveraging the power of the web can be a challenge for small businesses. Web threats, malware, and phishing can put business information at risk, and of course productivity can be a challenge because of online videos, social media, online games, and other distractions.

A SME does not often have the IT resources to buy and maintain filtering appliances or install client software across all computers in the business, and this is where a service provider like Netsweeper can step in.



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Increases Employee Productivity (fewer interruptions)

According to Business Insider, a 2015 Harris Poll asked 2,138 hiring managers and human resources professionals, and 3,022 full-time, private sector workers what causes workers to waste the most time at the office. The survey reported that 39% said internet surfing is a big productivity stopper, and 38% cited social media, specifically. For a 10-person enterprise with staff earning $25/hour, averaging 30 minutes of daily time wasted, this translates into a $2500/month productivity problem.

To increase employee productivity, Netsweeper will work with you to deploy our web filtering technology in your network in order to avoid problems like the ones mentioned above.

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Reduce Churn and Increase ARPU

At Netsweeper we want to help reduce your churn by keeping customers by your side, while increasing your ARPU. Netsweeper provides active visibility into data-in-motion network traffic, enabling enterprises with stronger security and improved employee productivity.

The Netsweeper platform, in combination with its high performance, scaleable, multi-tenant reporter enables service providers to deliver advanced intelligence and management solutions to enterprises, governments, and service provider networks to operate more efficiently and effectively in a way that will keep your customers happy.

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Enforces Acceptable Corporate Policies

With a wealth of information available on the internet, plus the increased use of web-based applications and tools, internet usage is bursting in today’s enterprise world. However, this overwhelming demand for internet access at work has created a host of potential problems for employers.

Without properly managing employee internet access and publishing an Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), businesses are vulnerable to internet abuse, which may result in lost productivity, network infection, legal liabilities, increased infrastructure costs, and the loss of sensitive information.

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I selected Netsweeper based on functionality, supportability, price, adherence to safeguarding, and productivity initiatives as it is clearly the most capable solution I have seen.

Graeme Bower

Director, TSI

Netsweeper is not just a technology vendor; they are an active partner that supports our vision as we develop innovative, world-class security solutions to support a rapidly growing network and to serve our valued customers.

Walid Kamal

Security & Risk Management, SVP Technology

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