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Netsweeper nClient

Keep your students safe on all devices as they learn remotely with Netsweeper nClient. Part of the Netsweeper Education Ecosystem, nClient works with the Netsweeper central platform to extend web filtering and digital monitoring to student devices, ensuring they remain protected when they leave the school’s network. Get the full web filtering protection of Netsweeper across all major operating systems including Windows, OSX, Chrome, iOS, and Android, and monitor traffic on those devices even when they are not connected to your filtered network.

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One platform

nClient works seamlessly with Netsweeper nFilter so network-based school filtering and off-network device filtering can be provided from the same platform. Filtering policies that apply on-network will apply while off-network, and the switch between the two is seamless.

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Real-time analysis and dynamic updates

Leveraging the power of the Netsweeper platform, nClient provides the same level of protection as network level filtering with real-time content analysis and blocking.

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Off-network filtering across all devices

Netsweeper provides native web filtering clients for Windows, Mac OSX, Chrome, Android, and iOS.

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No VPN required

nClient does not need to VPN traffic back to the central Netsweeper. nClient can complement a network deployment or can be the primary filtering method providing the ultimate in flexibility for student safety solutions.

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Works with any MDM solution

Netsweeper works with any MDM platform, giving you complete freedom to continue to use your existing vendor or choose an MDM solution that best fits your needs. Learn more.

How it works:

nClient is deployed directly onto endpoint devices that need to be filtered.

The filtering action occurs directly on that device, as part of the nClient software.

The software communicates with a central Netsweeper platform to determine what policy decisions need to be made.

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