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Netsweeper nFilter

Netsweeper nFilter is the industry's most comprehensive database of harmful content based on over 20 years of web indexing. Leveraging our patented Al technology, we provide true real-time analysis, filtering, and blocking of online content to keep students safe 24/7. Built for cloud or on-premise deployment, we help technology teams create a customized solution using either network or client technology, or a combination of both, designed to easily scale as demand requires.    

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Manage website access with granular control

Our policy management tool ensures proper access is provided without over-blocking and provides Safeguarding and IT leaders with granular control of applications such as YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This allows schools to block certain features within those applications based on their specific needs. Netsweeper’s Granular Policy Management tool enables you to utilize customizable policies, which allow or deny access to content based on a wide range of criteria, including user, group, applications, time of day, and media transfer controls.

Gain actionable insights into students' online activity

Netsweeper’s analytics and reporting tools provide the insight you need to ensure safe online learning. Netsweeper reporting provides out-of-the-box logs and reports on access to the negative categories for monitoring and action. Reports are easily customized to allow administrators to configure the system to match their individual schools’ needs and reporting requirements. These reports can be scheduled to run as frequently as required and can be shared with other users with ease.

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Education-focused categories with dynamic updates for compliance and online safety

The Netsweeper AI-powered platform provides on-the-fly categorization for all content that ensures detection of new and emerging safeguarding threats.

Industry-leading database of over 3 billion URLs with real-time dynamic updates to education-specific categories including hate speech, weapons, cyberbullying, and substance abuse.

Categories are populated dynamically by AI – they are not static lists. Categorization occurs in over 47 languages. Every Netsweeper deployment globally contributes to the platform with over 150 million URLs categorized every day.

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Off-network filtering is done on the device for all browsers and applications

Netsweeper’s client filtering technology ensures filtering is enforced on all devices (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, and iOS) and will monitor internet traffic on those devices, even when they are not connected to a Netsweeper filtered network. This enables schools to provide students with devices for remote learning and remain confident that they will be protected from online harm.

Filtering is done on the devices without the need to proxy traffic back to a central server, which improves performance and reduces bandwidth. This means that filtering will apply to any web browser or application, allowing schools to provide better compliance and protection across all managed devices.


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Education focused categories for compliance and online safety

Comprehensive database of billions of URLs with real-time dynamic updates in over 50 languages to education-specific categories including hate speech, weapons, cyberbullying, and substance abuse.

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Powerful Standard and Customized Reporting and Analytics

Netsweeper reporting provides out-of-the-box logs and reports on access to the negative categories for monitoring and action. Learn More

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Maintain student safety across every device

Part of the nFilter family, Netsweeper nClient extends network level filtering across student devices to enable 1:1 initiatives, safe remote learning and off-site filtering. Supports Windows, OSX, Chrome, iOS, and Android devices.

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Selective HTTPS/SSL Decryption

Netsweeper’s selective SSL decryption and inspection technology allows users to only monitor and filter content across required sites ensuring that protection is ubiquitous across the web and performance is not affected.

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Flexible Social Media Controls

As the growth of social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok continues and the content remains largely unregulated, it’s critical that caregivers have the tools to meet compliance requirements and control the access to harmful content and monitor content for signs of bullying and self-harm.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Built for the cloud, Netsweeper offers the flexibility to also deploy on-premise or in a hybrid configuration to suit your unique requirements – now, or in the future.

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Multi-tenant administrative policy options

Administrators of each school or a group of schools can login to our interface to set their own filtering policies and generate reports for their schools. Netsweeper’s reporting technology delivers detailed activity information in a concise visual dashboard so you can quickly analyze your school and individual information.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“The support from Netsweeper during the implementation was exemplary and the ongoing support means that filtering is simply ‘one less thing I have to think about’. The College is able to filter to a level of granularity not achieved before and simply put, Netsweeper address all the filtering requests. I can highly recommend the Netsweeper product. Netsweeper make a full, worry-free solution!”

Graeme Bower Director, TSI


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