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A complete solution deployed in the cloud or on-premise, with carrier-grade
performance and reliability

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Dynamic Categorization

Netsweeper’s dynamic categorization engine scans and sorts the content of billions of websites and adds this information to a database of categorized sites maintained on the Netsweeper Category Name Server (CNS). Each URL is categorized by Netsweeper, and based on these categories, URLs can be allowed or denied in real-time without human intervention – at scale.

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Logging and Reporting

We generate reports for you that are easy to understand, giving you the power to review Internet usage on your network. The data from our reporting services provides insight into network traffic or information on specific requests, websites, or users. The high-performance reporter can gather requests based on specified criteria and sort them, calculate statistics, and present results in tables and charts.

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HTTPS Selective Filtering - NSProxy

Our advanced NSProxy service capable of delivering 10Gbps of throughput and up to 6Gbps of selective SSL decryption throughput. This service becomes more crucial as more and more of the internet is becoming SSL driven. Netsweeper can also filter HTTPS and filter by hostname without breaking encryption. Advanced social media SSL protection is an example of how our technologies are helping in today’s digital world. With NSProxy, we can allow access to the safe areas of social media, while restricting access to the potentially dangerous ones.

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With organizations across the world becoming increasingly dependent on mobile communication and work habits, security for all devices has become paramount. Thankfully, our solutions support the new BYOD trend, allowing any device connected to a Wi-Fi network to be filtered and secure. In addition, no software installs are required on your devices, as filtering takes place using the device IP address.

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Authentication & Integration

Authentication is crucial to allow access to content for authorized users such as teachers, and restrict or block access to content for unauthorized users such as students. We offer Authentication Redirect features that empower you to authenticate users, ultimately placing them in different groups based on their authentication for a seamless online experience.

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Social Media Controls

Social media can be a powerful communication tool, however, in certain scenarios it can also be detrimental to the activity at hand. Social media controls can be used in the office or at home during a child’s schoolwork time. Time segments can be used to block social media at certain points in the day, or all together on a given network. We help you become more productive when you need to be with our effective social media controls.

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Policy Service

A filtering policy is a set of rules or settings that the Netsweeper Policy Service uses in making decisions about whether requests for internet content should be allowed or denied. The Netsweeper solution allows you to create one or more unique policies for groups of people or workstations. Each workstation is deemed a client, with each client being part of a group. Every filtering group can have one or many policies to determine what they can or cannot access on the web.

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Remote Device Filtering

Lightweight mobile and desktop clients are available for Windows, MAC, OSX, Google Chrome, Chrome browser, iOS, and Android ensuring that roaming or off-network users are protected regardless of their location.

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