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Media Monetization

The Netsweeper media monetization platform enables Push Messaging to subscriber bases with targeted ad campaigns and in return, generates revenue using CPM, CPA and other models. Take advantage of the billions of dollars being spent on advertising that is being delivered by your network infrastructure with targeted push ads.

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Create a unique push monetization strategy

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Proven Netsweeper technology

With over 20 years of development, Netsweeper’s dynamic AI-based platform reviews and categorizes websites that can be used to refine a user’s Identity Graph. With over 10 billion URLs in our database in over 90 categories, and over 100 million new URL’s categorized every 24 hours, we can refine targeting for better resolution over time.

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Multiple content categories can be monetized

Under construction, parked, malformed URL, HTTP errors, viruses, malware, phishing, adware.

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High performance and scalability

Fully scalable virtual or physical hardware & licenses based on demand with significantly lower TCO.

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Customizable creative to match targeting

Messaging can include ads,  educational content or government messaging.

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No costly proprietary hardware appliances required

Runs on any virtual or Intel-based COTS hardware.

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In-depth alerts and custom reports

Flexible tools and dashboard allows users to gain valuable insight into traffic and categories.

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