Netsweeper at IBC Amsterdam Conference 2016

Netsweeper is excited to inform you that we are going to participate in IBC Amsterdam Conference 2016 where world’s top industry professionals meet and debate various challenges facing the electronic media and entertainment industry. The main theme of this year’s conference is ‘Transformation in the Digital Era’; Leadership, Strategy and Creativity in Media and Entertainment’.

The Importance of Providing Updated, Innovative and Dynamic Solutions

Digital revolution has transformed the world into global village and, ISP’S and carriers have to come up with innovative and updated solutions to meet the ever evolving requirements of their customers.

Safety is a Big Concern 

Internet connectivity offers a wide variety of benefits and everything can be accessed at an amazing speed. This exposure brings in a lot of challenges, especially for children. Children get exposed to all types of contents including pornography, extremism and gambling and, virus and malware attacks have also become an alarming source of concern.

Netsweeper solutions that offer optimal protection 

As a trustworthy web filtering service provider, Netsweeper is deeply committed to making the online environment 100% safe and our dynamic filtering and blocking solutions can be employed in the network instead of installing on the device to control access with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Highly Sophisticated Adblocking Solution

It is not the pornography, extremism or gambling alone that makes people, especially parents anxious but irrelevant ads have also become an alarming source concern for them. They can be really misleading and reduce the quality of online experience in a serious manner. ISPS and carriers can make use of our extremely dynamic adblocking solution Ad block now to provide highly relevant and essential data for their subscribers.

More Information About Netsweeper Software

Our software always helps carriers and ISPS reduce subscriber churn and increase subscriber base and, it guarantees optimal protection against all types of online threats. Netsweeper solutions are capable of addressing the content and filtering requirements of a wide range of entities and they include businesses, government organizations, carriers, OEM partners, educational institutions and ISPS as well.

As a reliable service provider, the motto of Netsweeper is ‘if you connect, we protect’ and the opinions of the existing clients reassert this conclusion without a shadow of doubt.  To set up a meeting for IBC Amsterdam Conference 2016 please contact Netsweeper today!