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Features Overview


Dynamic Categorisation

Dynamic categorisation of web content, in real-time, with billions of URL already categorized into 90+ categories. 

Carrier Grade

Benefit from technology that has been proven in the toughest environments.  Get industry leading performance and reliability. 

Complete Policy Management

Utilise industry leading policy management functionality that enables per-user filtering, time-based policies, custom URL lists, and more. 

SSL Decryption

High-performance SSL decryption, that enables logging, reporting, and policy management of HTTPS traffic. 

Application Blocking

Block access to various desktop and mobile applications.  Manage web application features at a granular level.

Web Threat Protection

Protect against phishing, virus, and malware infections.  Double down with both URL-level and in-line blocking technologies.

Logging and Reporting

Highly configurable logging and powerful reporting provide detailed insights into network activity. 

Safety Awareness

Promote positive intervention with customised category specific messaging on warning and block pages.

Built for




Cloud Hosted

Let Netsweeper do the heavy lifting.  Cloud deployments mean we take care of the hardware, you enjoy the benefits. 

On Premise

Develop a platform unique to your needs.  Deploy Netsweeper’s carrier-grade web filtering exactly as you want. 


Roll out a web filter with minimal technical work required.  Filter websites easily with domain level DNS filtering.

Client Filter

Protect devices when they leave the network.  Netsweeper Client Filters extend filtering to the endpoint, anywhere.

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