We have added 2 new categories to our Categorization Name Service (CNS)

Netsweeper is proud to announce the release of two new categories that further segment the Pornography category for customers who require additional control of Adult content. If you are interested in allowing or denying Adult Mixed Content or Open Mixed Content related sites and are running Netsweeper 4.0 or above, you can simply import a new category revision into the WebAdmin. These categories will also allow you to do more granular reporting on a per category basis.

The following two categories have been added:

Adult Mixed Content

o These websites typically contain a high percentage of adult-related material. These sites often host images, videos, and other adult related resources. Sites include tumblr.com, 4chan.org, thepiratebay.to, etc., which are classified as Pornography.

Open Mixed Content

o Content which Netsweeper does not consider Pornography, but the website policy allows for hosting of mixed content that could include Adult related material. Sites include 9gag.com, clubjimmy.com, and regiogay.com.

Remember, if you change your categories in the Category Manager, make sure you update your policies. We recommend that these categories are only added during a maintenance window when the Netsweeper services can be properly restarted and confirmed to load the new categories properly.

If you wish to proceed, please read this FAQ item on Adding Adult Mixed and Open Mixed Categories.