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Deploy secure carrier-grade web filtering with zero latency and low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Easy to manage and adapt, our telecom solution protects devices and subscribers while ensuring compliance with regulations.

CSAM Incidents

Reached Record

Levels in 2020

Are you doing enough to fight

online exploitation?

Block digital dangers and simplify compliance with carrier-grade web filtering at the fairest price for ISPs.


is at STAKE, Choose


Quickly identify at-risk students with intelligent,

real-time monitoring and reporting.

Go beyond the browser to filter and analyze content on any device – online or offline.


Carrier-grade web filtering that grows with your organization.

  • Simplifies regulatory compliance for ISPs
  • Increase revenue and efficiency with value-added services
  • Profitably manage high-demand networks
  • Secure customer networks/devices against CSAM and cyber threats


Protect citizens and respect national laws.

  • Apply regulatory compliance/prepare policies
  • Prevent fraud and online gambling
  • End the proliferation of radicalization and extremism
  • Simplify the application of tax legislation and increase revenue
  • Reduce social media misinformation


Safe digital learning for every student.

  • Supporting mental health and physical safety
  • Secure devices on and off campus
  • Control the use of social networks
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Easily comply with policies


Why is Netsweeper the solution of choice for so many customers around the world?

Our web filtering products work better, make work easier, and reduce costs, both short- and long-term. As an industry leader, we proactively develop and improve our web filtering and content management technologies. The result ? Our real-time, AI-powered categorization platform detects content overlooked by our competitors and is widely recognized as the most precise and complete solution on the market. From changing policies to new threats, it easily adapts and deploys to meet your evolving needs and challenges.


High-performance, carrier-grade web filtering

Delivers speed and reliability without latency for telecoms, government, and education.

Real-time AI-powered categorization

Instantly blocks new, unlisted threats with dynamic URL filtering and category updates.

Threat intelligence through global crowdsourcing

Retrieves the most recent data from customers around the world for advanced, real-time protection.

Recommended Products


An AI-driven web filtering platform that uses dynamic categorization to scan and sort content on billions of websites, preventing new threats efficiently and in real-time. Additional benefits include flexible social media and content controls, multi-tenancy, and comprehensive reporting, as well as painless deployment and straightforward management.


Extend web filtering and digital monitoring to remote devices (Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android, and iOS), even when users are not connected to a Netsweeper-filtered network. nClient works seamlessly with nFilter, so devices are managed using the same central policy. All filtering occurs on the device, so no VPN is required.


onGuard proactively monitors student activity to detect at-risk activity in real-time. Not limited to text-only content, OCR and active system monitoring screen captures and audits content across the broadest range of media, applications, and devices.

Global Crowdsourcing for Greater Protection

Want to know how many newly discovered websites we categorize within 24 hours? See our live updates to get an idea. Every customer contributes threat data to our categorization database, which we sort across 90+ categories. We share this data with our customers worldwide, essentially crowdsourcing threat intelligence to provide accurate, real-time protection across our products and services.


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Pioneer and Leading Innovator in Web Filtering

Since 1999, Netsweeper has been a leading provider of online filter and digital safety solutions worldwide. We protect over 1.2 billion users in our network footprint using AI technology to effectively identify harmful content, contact, conduct, and commerce in real-time. Localized in 47 languages, and with over 90 filtering categories, we have accrued and strategically categorized 12 billion URLs to date and receive requests for over 50 million new URLs each day. We support government organizations, businesses, service providers, carriers, and OEM partners across the globe and our education ecosystem provides real-time analysis of content that is often missed by other filtering and safety products, with a Managed Monitoring Service and BYOD capabilities that provide a safer internet experience and peace of mind for teachers and students without overburdening resources.


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