Web Filtering Software

The Netsweeper Web Security Platform protects your organization against Web-borne threats and inappropriate content while providing organizations the flexibility of deploying it as either a virtual appliance or on physical hardware. A SAFE, SIMPLE and a Proven Solution trusted by Education providers, Governments, Carriers and Enterprises world-wide.

Netsweeper 5.2

Netsweeper 5 combines a clean, responsive user experience with enhanced reporting providing user activity and ensuring appropriate use. A full featured HTTP/HTTPS security and filtering platform, which provides insight, compliance and accountability for Enterprises, Educational providers, and Government institutions.

BYOD & Client Filters

Netsweeper is a device agnostic platform for BYOD! For users outside your network simplify and protect with Netsweeper’s Client Filter Technology. Netsweeper develops and distributes native clients for the following supported mobile and desktop operating systems: Windows 7-10, Windows 10 S, MAC OSX, Chrome, Android, and iOS.

Telco Trusted & True

A centralized managed multi-tenanted or distributed solution that gives service providers the flexibility and protection they require. Our packet processing modules are the fastest in the industry with the lowest TCO.

Join our community and become digital defenders with the likes of the IWF and Law Enforcement Agencies Worldwide, including the UK Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit. We are the optimum web filtering solution with zero-latency and zero risk!

Netsweeper strives to create a safer society.

We develop and distribute classification and policy enforcement technologies, which can be distributed or centrally managed.

Our Technology


Netsweeper Enterprise Basic internet filtering provides organizations with peace of mind, ensuring that they are protected from the legal liabilities associated with Internet usage in the enterprise. With basic filtering, employees can be restricted from viewing web content that could damage the organization’s reputation, or subject it to costly lawsuits. Additionally, Netsweeper helps organizations regain lost productivity and stop Internet abuse.


Security, scalability, robust functionality, and a commitment to a user-driven and user-determined experience are what makes our products different. In the world of content filtering, a little bit of accuracy isn’t enough – organizations require dependable and reliable filtering all the time.  Netsweeper provides the most effective solution to combat new and known malicious content.


With organizations across the world becoming increasingly dependent on mobile communication and work habits, security for all devices has become paramount. Thankfully, our solutions support the new BYOD trend, allowing any device connected to a Wi-Fi network to be filtered and secure. In addition, no software installs are required on your devices, as filtering takes place using the device IP address.


We generate reports for you that are easy to understand, giving you the power to review Internet usage on your network. The data from our reporting services provides insight into network traffic or information on specific requests, websites, or users. The high-performance reporter can gather requests based on specified criteria and sort them, calculate statistics, and present results in tables and charts.


Netsweeper 5.1 and above makes security simple by providing a highly scalable embedded DNS service. The Netsweeper Powered DNS Filtered Technology is a scalable, reliable, and managed authoritative DNS service. The service provides low latency, high availability and is a cost-effective way to make Netsweeper policy enforcement and services available to your users.


Netsweeper’s compliance web filtering solution provides you the trust you’re looking for.  Netsweeper has dynamically classified billions of URLs and continues to add millions each and every day in over thirty languages. A centralized managed multi-tenanted or distributed solution that gives you the flexibility you need. Our packet processing modules are the fastest in the industry. We have the lowest TCO, with the use of standard non proprietary hardware.

Netsweeper supplies IT managers with web security tools optimizing network usage while providing a positive, productive, and safe Internet experience.



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The support from NetSweeper during the implementation was exemplary and the ongoing support filtering service means that filtering is simply ‘one less thing I have to think about’. The College is able to filter to a level of granularity not achieved before and simply put, Netsweeper address all the filtering requests.

I can highly recommend the NetSweeper product. Netsweeper make a full, worry free solution!

Graeme Bower

Director, TSI World LTD

It’s a fantastic product that you can rely on to provide strong, secure filtering and you can easily drill down into how students and staff are using the internet in school, safe in the knowledge that the content they see is appropriate.  I couldn’t imagine being without it!  We highly recommend implementing the Netsweeper system at your school, business or ISP! Dave Foley

Director, ICT Support Engineer