An Introduction to Netsweeper Content Filtering

Netsweeper provides industry leading carrier-grade web content filtering solutions, backed by years of research and development, and is designed to excel in complex and highly demanding network environments.

The Netsweeper content filtering platform has been built with the perfect combination of functionality, scalability, and reliability. Available in unique deployment architectures, it leverages Netsweeper’s real-time AI-based Category Name Service (CNS) to deliver feature rich content filtering functionality to the education, telecom, and enterprise markets.

In a world of constantly evolving technologies, our customers depend on Netsweeper technology, and our dedicated team of professionals, to do more than just provide another network product. They partner with Netsweeper to leverage our unparalleled commitment to excellence, continual innovation, and close collaboration.

Categorization with CNS

With decades of research and development, Netsweeper’s web content categorization platform (the Category Name Service or “CNS”) is the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive artificial intelligence solution to classifying web content. It aggregates web traffic from all Netsweeper-filtered devices globally, categorizing every single URL request, and makes the resulting categorization available to all Netsweeper deployments (again, globally). No other solution even comes close.

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