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Scalable SME Web Filtering and Reporting Video

Scalable SME Web Filtering and Reporting

Ensure effective web content filtering, enhance the user experience for businesses and carriers while protecting against unwanted content and enforcing…

How do Phishing Attacks Work Video

How Do Phishing Attacks Work?

If there’s something that almost all phishing emails have in common, it’s a sense of urgency. Hackers know we lead…

Safeguarding Student Online and Offline Video

Safeguarding Students Online and Offline

Fully integrated into the core Netsweeper platform, OnGuard™ technology works both online and offline, scanning internet content, desktop content, and…

The Realities of Online Scams Video

The Realities of Online Scams

Online scams are on the rise and are the #1 reported crime globally. Learn how web filtering can help keep…

4C's of Online Safeguarding Video

4C’s of Online Safeguarding

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and can expose students to new dangers that we may not be fully aware…

Out-of-Band Deployment Video

Out-Of-Band DEployment

A simple animation demonstrating how Netsweeper blocks the web traffic of a denied request….

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