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Best in Class Global Web Filtering and Digital Safety

The right solution to meet your web filtering and digital safety needs.

Netsweeper supports government organizations, businesses, service providers, carriers, and OEM partners across the globe and our education ecosystem provides real-time analysis of content that is often missed by other filtering and safety products, with a Managed Monitoring Service and BYOD capabilities that provide a safer internet experience and peace of mind for teachers and students without overburdening resources.


nFilter protects users worldwide from harmful content and evolving cyber threats, while helping school districts, public agencies, telecoms and governments comply with complex regulations. As new apps, including social media, grow in number and influence, nFilter offers a flexible solution that empowers digital use and collaboration, while preventing online threats such as CSAM, ransomware and disinformation.


nClient enhances our core nFilter platform to extend its filtering, monitoring and policy management tools to remote devices. The two products work together seamlessly, so administrators can easily manage all devices from a central source. Compatible with every device and operating system, nClient maintains the same level of protection online and offline to ensure policy and regulatory compliance, prevent cyber threats such as malware and ransomware, and stop harmful content before it reaches your network or users.


Netsweeper’s premier student protection product, onGuard uses active system monitoring, including optical character recognition, to detect user activity and send alerts if potential risks are identified. This information is then reviewed in-person for evaluation, decision-making, or intervention. Fully integrated with the core nFilter platform, onGuard works online and offline, scanning internet content, desktop content, and user-submitted data in real time. Plus, it records at risk activity for case tracking and escalation processing via the onGuard dashboard.

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