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Our leadership team hails from locations around the world, with members contributing unique ideas, skills and experiences that strengthen our company, enrich customer and employee relationships, and build better technology solutions.

Perry Roach

CEO & Founder

As CEO of the Netsweeper Group of companies, Perry defines his mission as “doing what we say and saying what we do”. He empowers his team to consistently ensure technology excellence in Enforcing the Laws on the Internet and Web Access Management Security for billions of Internet users.

Perry is a proven transformational leader with an exceptional record of driving growth and creating customer-centric organizations. He has passionately pursued successful outcomes for customers, partners, and his teams across multiple technology industry sectors in Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, India, Africa and the Americas. Perry’s commitment to team members and the customer is unprecedented and he strives to be a man of value, not success.

Perry is responsible for overseeing worldwide operations, sales, R&D and support. His mandate is to continue to strengthen Netsweeper’s market position in the Telco, Government/Enterprise, and Educational sectors, and to ensure technology excellence in Enforcing the Laws on the Internet, and Web Access Management Security.

Lou Erdelyi


As CTIO of Netsweeper, Lou’s role requires him to manage a team of software engineers that focus on the next generation of leading-edge products. This includes creating technologies that do not yet exist but address a distinct need in various market segments in which Netsweeper can leverage its fast user base.

Co-designer of Netsweeper’s first Artificial Intelligence system in 1996, Lou began as a Software Engineer, Network Engineer, and Lead Architect, responsible for all technologies used by the organization. In addition to installing Netsweeper internationally, he managed teams of developers, support, and content support personnel, performed post and pre-sales support for Business Development, and collaborated with international customers to ensure project completion and customer satisfaction.

Andrew Dindayal


In his position as Chief Financial and Strategy Officer, Andrew is an asset to the executive Netsweeper team, providing level-headed insight guided by a comprehensive understanding and analysis of mitigating factors. His contributions to team building and processes that promote accurate timely financial information across all divisions of the organization has not only increased annual revenue but maximized profits as well.

His standing as a certified Chartered Professional Accountant of Canada with extensive previous financial experience under reputable employers and additional certificates specializing in Cyber Security has keenly positioned him to guide Netsweeper strategy while minimizing processing times, improving company sales, and achieving critical milestones.

Andrew intends to leverage his investment performance and market research initiatives to further Netsweeper’s success and ensure continued financial stability throughout its inevitable expansion.

Aleksander Todorovic


Operating in tandem with the CEO as a principal member of the senior management team, Aleksander contributes to Netsweeper’s organizational vision, mission, and corporate strategy. As COO, he is responsible for operation oversight, certification, and project roadmaps while championing positive employee production and an inclusive and thriving company culture.

Continuing and expanding on his experience garnered from previous positions with high profile companies such as Sun Microsystems and Research in Motion, Aleksander has been instrumental in transitioning the Netsweeper Support Team into a revenue generating asset with clearly outlined strategies and procedures, launching and maintaining ongoing integration efforts with various UTM and Network providers, and much more.

Aware of the ever-evolving nature of his role and industry in general, Aleksander is never satisfied with the status-quo and instead commits himself to guaranteeing established initiatives continue to operate efficiently and with excellence at an international level.

John Robb

VP of Marketing

An adept professional with over 20 years of internet marketing experience, John’s role as VP of Marketing combines strategy, objectivity, and the ability to inspire others to invest in organizational priorities. His insatiable curiosity and passionate engagement are channeled into driving brand growth and maximizing operational excellence while thriving on new challenges; especially those that expand Netsweeper’s reach.

Past opportunities partnering globally with innovative organizations spanning consulting, digital strategy, communications, and marketing management, have provided John a solid foundation in critical industry skills including inbound marketing, social media, tradeshows, print, online advertising, corporate messaging, branding initiatives, and more.

Inspired by concepts such as tailoring technology and insight to create compelling experiences, delegating to people’s strengths to let them shine, and harnessing feedback to steer future success, John wields his unique style and drive to further his business development acumen to everyone’s benefit.

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