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Best in Class Global Web Filtering and Digital Safety

The right solution to meet your web filtering and digital safety needs.

Netsweeper supports government organizations, businesses, service providers, carriers, and OEM partners across the globe and our education ecosystem provides real-time analysis of content that is often missed by other filtering and safety products, with a Managed Monitoring Service and BYOD capabilities that provide a safer internet experience and peace of mind for teachers and students without overburdening resources.


Looking for a high-performance web filtering solution that goes with the flow? Keep network traffic moving fast while protecting subscribers and businesses with Netsweeper’s zero-latency web and content filtering. Easy to manage and scale, our multi-tenancy solution delivers the security you need to fight CSAM, piracy, cyberthreats, scams, and more. Plus, our technology makes it easier to comply with the specific ISP laws for each country.


Our digitally connected world can be complicated. Laws and regulations differ widely among countries, leading governments to seek easy-to-customize web filtering and policy enforcement within their boundaries. With a recent push towards digital sovereignty, nations are pursuing ownership, control and regulation of their data and digital assets. To simplify these sweeping challenges, Netsweeper delivers flexible, scalable countrywide solutions that protect citizens, enforce compliance, and prevent revenue loss. All without impeding network performance.


Remote learning. Cyberbullying. Policy compliance. Self-harm and potential violence. As a school or district IT administrator, your list of challenges keeps growing. Netsweeper delivers the flexibility and control you need to adapt instantly and proactively to the next digital dilemma. Guided by our decades-long educator partnerships, we develop the most effective, easy-to-use web filtering technologies for K-12.

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