Protect Your Students and Employees with Free Remote Filtering

Schools around the world have shifted to virtual instruction and employees are now working from home, which means that students and their families are relying on their devices more than ever.

Schools and businesses need to think about how to keep their students and employees safe as they learn and work online, and remote filtering can help protect them.

Get Netsweeper’s Free Client Filter to support remote working and distance learning

Netsweeper’s Continuity Filter is an endpoint web filter that Netsweeper is offering to all existing customers, free of charge. This will help protect school/business-owned devices taken home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Netsweeper’s Client Filter supports Windows, Mac OSX, and Chrome.

What are we offering?

Netsweeper is offering free endpoint web filtering for Windows, Mac OSX, and Chrome. The filtering service will provide endpoint filtering based on a single, standard filtering policy. This ensures compliance with both Ofsted (UK) and CIPA (US) online safety regulations. The filtering application will point to Netsweeper’s existing cloud infrastructure, meaning schools/businesses do not need to deploy any on-site equipment or software beyond the client filter itself.

Subscribing schools/businesses will not need to sign into any Netsweeper systems to manage filtering. This is a managed service based on a single filtering policy. Few resources are required to operate this new service, giving you the time to focus on other pressing priorities.

How does it work?

  • Schools will deploy the Netsweeper Client Filter application on all endpoint devices
  • The Netsweeper Client Filter will point to Netsweeper’s cloud infrastructure, where the Policy Server will apply the filtering policy
  • Netsweeper will manage the filtering policy to ensure compliance with Ofsted and CIPA regulations
  • Netsweeper will also provide reports on user activity. This ensures that schools/businesses are aware of the blocking activity occurring and identify any issues

How do I sign up?

Please reach out to your Netsweeper Sales Representative.

If you do not have a Sales Rep, contact us and we’ll help get you started.