How can you transmit private data online in a secure manner? Online security has become a major source of concern for many people, which is where the importance of SSL comes in. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) establishes a secure connection between a browser and a web server.

Many business websites (including e-business companies) use SSL encryption to protect their customers in the best possible manner. Such a method of approach ensures that all online transactions remain confidential. SSL certification has become inevitable for all types of websites in this highly competitive online business world.

How do I create an SSL connection?

In order to create an SSL connection, a web server needs an SSL certificate. When you decide to activate SSL on your web server, you will be asked to complete a few questions about the identity of your website and your business. Then, your web server creates two cryptographic keys including a private key and a public key. You do not need to keep the public key secret, and it is placed into a certificate signing request (CSR). This data file also contains your personal details. When you submit the CSR, the certification authority validates your details and issues an SSL certificate for you. Netsweeper deploys the most advanced SSL decryption products at your gateway to allow trusted SSL, while selectively checking all other SSL traffic depending on policy server settings. This method of approach ensures optimal performance capable of delivering 6Gbps of selective decryption throughput.

Why should I conduct an SSL test?

SSL protocol can be described as a standard for encrypted network communication. Given its widespread usage, little attention is paid to how SSL is configured. Although ease of use can be associated with it, SSL has its own traps as well. This is where the importance of an SSL test comes in. It is always advisable to establish a proven assessment methodology that allows administrators to assess SSL server configuration in a detailed manner without worrying about technical complexities. Netsweeper solutions make the process of an SSL test hassle-free and results oriented.

What is SSL acceleration?

To improve SSL performance, you can add an SSL accelerator in front of the web server. SSL acceleration can be described as a method of off-loading the processor-intensive public key encryption algorithms involved in SSL transactions to a device configured (hardware accelerator). Netsweeper solutions make the process of accelerating the SSL encryption/decryption routine hassle-free and effective.

The benefits of using 256-bit SSL encryption

Netsweeper 256-bit SSL encryption offers an extra layer of protection for users, while also preventing password and login theft. Speed issues related to ISP throttling and bottleneck can be improved, while such an approach can help improve the security of the website as well.

SSL email and SSL HTTPS

Email is always meant to be private and secure. To protect sensitive information in this fully digitalized world, one must choose the strongest encryption available in the server security industry. Proper SSL certification keeps usernames, passwords, and email correspondence private and secure.

SSL HTTPS refers to the use of SSL as a sub-layer under regular HTTP application layering. The use of SSL HTTPS prevents unauthorized real-time interception and hacker attacks. Benefits of a Netsweeper solution can be enjoyed, as they are trusted by corporate, educational, and government institutions around the world.

The internet offers innovative business opportunities for enterprises. Everybody talks about online commerce, causing it to become a new buzzword for business people all around the world. However, the phenomenal growth of online activities can attract cyber criminals who try to make use of opportunities to steal bank account numbers, credit card information, and other sensitive consumer details. If the connection between a web server and a client (ex. internet browser) is not encrypted, hackers can intercept and read traffic to easily steal all highly sensitive details from a website. Utmost security can be associated with SSL secured websites, while advanced Netsweeper selective decryption solutions help businesses prevent all types of online malpractices by hackers.

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