Children cannot always distinguish between harmful content and good information that is relevant to their education when online. With 65% of teachers stating, they use digital learning tools to teach every day, many schools use web filtering technology to protect their students from the growing list of online harms. It can keep kids safe online by blocking inappropriate content and limiting what they can access on the internet. Web filtering technology helps them avoid being exposed to potentially harmful material, such as pornography, scams, or cyberbullying. 

Why is Web Filtering Beneficial? 

Improved Security 

Web filtering technology helps keep students and teachers safe from online threats such as phishing scams, identity theft and online bullying. The web filtering software blocks access to websites that contain illegal content or are otherwise harmful to the student’s wellbeing or education. This is done either by blocking the site altogether of by requiring users first enter a username and password before they are allowed access. School property is protected from malware infections brought about by visiting compromised websites on school computers or mobile devices. When you have web filtering in place, you’ll be able to scan all incoming traffic for viruses before it enters your network.  

Superior Productivity for Students and Teachers 

Web filtering in schools is an effective way to foster student and teacher productivity. Students can focus on learning and teachers can focus on teaching. When students are not distracted by the internet, they can concentrate more attention on their schoolwork. They will spend less time searching for resources that may not be relevant or accurate, which means they will be able to finish their assignments faster.  

Time lost to distraction caused by cyber bullying or cyber harassment will also be reduced, as those inappropriate websites are blocked from access by the school’s web filtering system. This includes threats, bother direct and indirect like those made via social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter which may cause emotional harm.  

Enhanced Safety 

Web filtering is one of the most effective ways for schools to protect students from online threats like malware and phishing scams, as well as inappropriate content that could harm their mental health or wellbeing. The technology identifies when someone tries to access malicious sites or images and blocks them automatically, so students are never exposed in the first place.  

Web Filtering technology is a powerful tool for schools and districts, allowing educators to protect students from inappropriate content. By using web filtering software, schools can block pornography, adult content and other harmful files that can be detrimental to students. Web filtering tools also help teachers keep their students safe from illegal activities such as online gambling or the sale of drugs and weapons. Additionally, many school districts use web filtering technology in order to monitor internet usage on school-issued devices so that they can ensure students aren’t visiting dangerous websites while on campus. 

Netsweeper’s Web Filtering Technology for Schools 

Not all web filtering solutions are created equal. Netsweeper’s nFilter is the industry’s most comprehensive database of harmful content, based on over 23 years of web indexing. We provide real-time analysis, filtering and blocking of online content to keep students safe. Netsweeper’s filtering solution is the most effective when it comes to blocking harmful websites working inside the browser to prevent users from accessing inappropriate or dangerous sites. 

Web Filtering Technology is Needed in Schools 

Children today are exposed to a variety of digital dangers such as cyberbullying, pornography and even suicide sites on the internet. Web filtering technology helps ensure the safety and security of the school’s computers and networks while improving productivity but most importantly protects students from harmful content. Netsweeper’s web filtering enhances safety within schools by blocking inappropriate material from being accessed through the Internet, and much more! 

To find out more about the Netsweeper solution and how we can protect your schools from online vulnerabilities request a demo with one of our specialists today!