Being a teacher is one of the most difficult, yet important jobs a person can have. We all have at least one teacher who has made a significant impact in our lives. Maybe it was that one teacher who took the extra time to help us learn when we found it too difficult, maybe it was the teacher who never gave up on us, even during our rebellious adolescent years, or maybe it was the teacher who listened to us without judgement and an open heart when we needed it the most. A teacher’s job goes beyond the content, they are one of the biggest role models in a young person’s life.     

Today on October 5th, we celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to teaching and inspiring future generations and leaders to impact society in a positive way.  

What is World Teacher’s Day? 

In 1944, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established the global event called World Teacher’s Day, held each year on October 5. This special day marks the anniversary of the 1966 UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers document going into effect and how it has provided the foundation regarding the rights and responsibilities teachers have.  

This important day gives us the opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication teachers provide to their students every day. It helps us understand the value of the role they play in the lives of youth and society, not only through education, but also on who they are as a person.  

Teacher’s Dedication During the Pandemic 

Teachers have been faced with a new set of challenges over the past two years caused by the coronavirus. Mental health struggles, longer working hours, and emotional and physical burnout are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to teaching through a pandemic.  

But through it all, educators have proven to society that they care deeply for their students. According to Google trends, recent searches for “missing my students” increased within the last 18 months by 150%.   

Many teachers show their dedication by going out of their way to make phone calls to parents to keep them updated and informed of their child’s progress. Others may do frequent check-ins to see how students are doing and to let them know that there is an adult out there who cares for them. Time and time again they go above and beyond to support students, parents and colleagues.     

Thank you, Teachers! 

Taking on the task of shaping young minds is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of compassion, understanding, humility and courage. This celebration is not only to recognize teachers’ relentless efforts, but to also address the improvements that need to be made in the education sector worldwide. Creating awareness around issues and ensuring teachers receive the respect and credibility they deserve is something that should be recognized every day.    

To all teachers, thank you for creating lifelong lessons and memories for all your students. We are grateful for your help in creating compassionate and critical thinkers who are confident and ready to change the world!    

Who is that one teacher who truly influenced you and helped you to become the person you are today? Comment below and tell us about your experience 👇👇👇 

Submitted by: Natasha Pande