We asked Matthew Coleman-Hamilton from Link2ICT to share their experience with using Netsweeper. 

How can Netsweeper help your business? 

As part of our business, we provide schools with Internet connectivity and we are an education ISP. The cornerstone of our service is appropriate education web filtering for that school. Netsweeper helps us to deliver that to schools – safe, secure, fast web access for children. 

What gave you the confidence to choose Netsweeper? 

Obviously, our own internal evaluation of Netsweeper and it gave us a degree of confidence but a key part was Net sweeper’s reference ability. The other customers specifically in the UK education that have already made that decision to go with Netsweeper to protect their schools and the fact that Netsweeper was already protecting hundreds if not thousands of UK schools have really helped deliver the confidence you know in our decision to also bring Netsweeper on board. 

How did Netsweeper compare to other products? 

We did a lot of initial research – a reverse to procurement exercise in terms of comparing Netsweeper against products in the market. Netsweeper works as good if not better across the board that says a value for money. The technical proposition, the ongoing support and became ultimately the obvious choice for our organization. 

How was the customer experience? 

The customer experience with Netsweeper has been professional – it’s been prompt, it’s been transparent, whenever we’ve had problems which have been very few, Netsweeper reacted quickly. You know we really have felt like a premium customer albeit we are one of many you know the experience has been excellent. 

How was the overall support? 

As part of our migration to Netsweeper we gave ourselves some pretty aggressive timetables to meet and Netsweeper really, really met those challenges they gave us on-site support, remote support, they were there when we needed and really helped us get onto the Netsweeper platform. 

Did Netsweeper meet all your compliance needs? 

As an organization providing Internet connectivity for schools you know schools have to meet several compliance objectives set by Ofsted, set by the government, keeping children safe, and education to prevent strategy, Netsweeper helps us and schools meet those objectives and they really do have a keen eye and a focus on the UK education space. 

What is the best part about working with Netsweeper? 

The sign of a good web filtering product is when children and teachers don’t know that they’re going through Netsweeper that ultimately, they’re getting access to the content that they should whilst being protected from the content that they shouldn’t and I think in our business Netsweeper being that silent partner actually is a great thing. 

Would you recommend Netsweeper? 

We definitely recommend Netsweeper to others – we have acted as a reference customer for Netsweeper – so highly do we think of them. In terms of other customers wanting to understand our experience now we’ve shared that know as part of our recommendation of Netsweeper. 

We’re here to help. If you have any questions about digital safeguarding or implementing filtering or monitoring, please don’t hesitate to  contact the Netsweeper team.